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Crossing Over

Do your loved ones linger after death? This came from a chat where someone was made a statement that the dead have 7 days to transition after the body dies. I disagree. We do take time to transition, before actual death. But the point of death is very important in a human cycle and spirit transfer. So here I explain why.

They might stop and say bye to people the day of passing. But it's a very short window of time where their “door home” is open. The difference between a haunting and a soul is that a haunting refuses to return home because it has fear of crossing, fear of punishment, or too much guilt from their actions. That is what many of you are picking up on your equipment. So, your loved ones who are healthy would have no reason to linger here and wouldn't jeopardize their “safety” in a safe connection home for healing doing so. This also means they won’t have time to get “swallowed up” in the pain of the grieving, which can sometimes be so intense that it will keep them from leaving. The longer they linger, the harder it is to return home. They cross over very quickly to avoid this. Returning to our master self means we can reconnect to our souls database and life planning goals, and then they usually come visit for their services to support the grieving. Returning to our database allows us to understand the “whys” of life, death, illness, loss and transitioning. Orbs are not ghosts. They are spirit elementals delivering messages from deceased loved ones.

It is true that they send messages and try to connect after crossing. These can be as simple as memories and dreams or as complicated as a mediumship connection. It is also true that grief can silence the connection. When we are hurting so deeply, it's hard to be aware of anything else; some grieving people can't even eat! They don’t even recognize their own hunger! Never mind spirit.

I hope this helps those interested in learning more.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021 # #death #crossingover #akashicrealm

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