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Chasing Fear & Marijuana

Jessenia Nozzolillo

How do I feel about marijuana? I don’t care what people do when and why. It’s your choice.

What I’ve seen in sessions and in soul work is that marijuana can be a very powerful tool to combat specific issues like anxiety. It can be much safer for the body and soul than other medications and even avoidance. BUT IT IS NOT A LONG TERM SOLUTION, and I have seen it take the ambition and joy out of too many people. Let me explain…

Anxiety is energetic trauma surfacing for clearing. The more anxiety you have, the more past life trauma that is emerging. So yes, sometimes that becomes so debilitating that people cannot function, sleep or focus. Marijuana can help that, TEMPORARILY! But — what we SHOULD be doing is leaning into the panic. I know this sounds wild. Most of us are wired to do the opposite. We feel uncomfortable and panic! We need an immediate mask to function in our daily lives and often don’t have the time/energy to lean into it or sit with it.

Let me give you an example:

“I am panicked. I don’t know if I can drive in the rain. I am stressed. What if…”

If you did not crash in the rain in this life, if you have no negative experiences in the rain in this life, then the first step to learning would understand this fear didn’t originate in this life. It must be connected to some type of memory you are holding on to and hoping to release. What you are likely experiencing here is a past life trigger. At that point, YOU WOULD FOLLOW THE TRAIL OF FEAR. This is not normal human nature. We naturally flee in times of fear. But if we want permanent solutions, we have to get to the root of the fear by following it back. We would do this by making mental connections.

What is it about driving in the rain that panics me? The car? Not being able to see? Not being able to breathe? Feeling out of control? The thunder?

What categories created more anxiety and panic? That is the association you want to follow. These are the details of the life emerging for clearing. If you keep doing this, you will follow the fear to a fully cleared life that you can properly release. We properly remove it by being our salvation. For example, if you drove off a bridge and drowned, you might find a fragment of yourself feeling lost, alone and scared. Pick them up. Help them feel loved, safe, and send them off to healing. Trauma is created in moments we lacked love. Nurture them with love. At this point, with the same story in mind, probability takes over, and we realize, “Yes, that happened, but that is very UNLIKELY to happen again, and therefore I can release that fully.” It’s much harder to understand probability without surfacing the details in the life. For example, bridges collapse, get damaged, can be dangerous in severe weather, can be bombed, etc. knowing what happened reduces the panic to that one circumstance.

This takes us a leap deeper into healing and slowly repairs the cluster of emotional reactions you are sensing that we would call anxiety.

Marijuana can have you repeating cycles of trauma masking, NOT trauma healing. That is where we get stuck.

Anxiety is real. I am not diagnosing anyone, recommending anyone go against a doctors recommendations or medication. Simply showing the soul perspective of the internal spiritual energy.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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