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The Neurodivergent Mind

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

The mind is self-preserving. A self-preserving brain is designed for survival which means seeing the world as it very specifically affects you. The golden rule is a great example of how we attempt at training the brain to perceive another’s pain, life and circumstances with compassion. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” or “Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.” The self-preserving brain is necessary for early survival on Earth because it allows living beings to prioritize their own safety and therefore live long enough to evolve into higher states of consciousness. The issue is, it’s also one of the reasons humans are so cruel to one another. Spirit once said “Compassion is the key to the salvation of humanity. If humans could feel another’s pain, they would not be able to be the one who causes it.” As a child, this was my greatest issue. I could feel EVERYONE’S pain — crying when people where hurt, knowing when people where hurt even if they were nowhere around me and naturally sacrificing for my siblings and loved ones because it made me so happy to see them happy that I would often choose to go without toys, candy, and material things so they could have it. We grew up incredibly poor and were even homeless as my mother tried to survive as a single mother of 3, so resources were scarce. It was debilitating to feel so much and eventually I would be forced to learn to control it for survival here. I see the purpose of it now, but like so many others who came to Earth wide open and hyper sensitive—it nearly destroyed me. I remember having suicidal thoughts at 5 wishing I could just walk away from the deep suffering I felt and never return. Then, I heard a voice that said “You feel deeply so that you can help them overcome the pain.” Then I realized I must not simply feel, but also take action and seek resolution for the pains I was feeling, getting a better understanding on how to break these patterns — not just dwell in them. This means that our natural instincts to self-preserve allows only the understanding of our emotions through that in which we are personally affected. You see life through your lens. This is beautiful for survival. The mind has protected humans long enough to allow them to evolve. But, eventually consciousness needs to expand to new depths and that requires breaking that self-preserving mind program. How do we do that? Pain! Pain and trauma will trick your survival program to predict the other person’s next move for self-preservation. This is a biological response system from predator-prey minds and means that we are now consciously perceiving life through someone else’s lens for our own survival. Suffering is not necessary, but pain is a natural part of living. It’s not intended as a punishment. Usually just a transfer of action and the beginning of necessary change. For example, love means heartbreak. It might hurt to loose someone you thought would always be there for you. But so many times there is a powerful wake up call that comes with such loss. When we realize “I wasn’t doing my part and took a good thing for granted,” it should lead to the desire for inner transformation and evolution in relationships on the next round. I say “should,” because many of us don’t. Many of us don’t know how to use the lessons presented to catalyze growth and end up wallowing in a suffering pattern, not changing anything and feeling like we must perpetually suffer instead. That is a victim mindset, not the will of any Creator. If we had taken the lesson seriously, the pain would be resolved with deeper levels of love and compassion in the next relationship because we have learned from the challenges presented. Trauma also isn’t necessary. But humans tend to be incredibly difficult to shift and are not active participants in their lives, so they stay in situations that they should have shifted out of way longer than they should and thus creating dangerous situations that lead to trauma. In the example above, what happens when we refuse to let unhealthy imbalanced relationships go? They get more and more toxic. People are hurt. Emotions are bruised. Cheating, pain, arguments, explosiveness and situations occur that one may now perceive as trauma. If we learned to walk away sooner, imagine all the pain we would have saved ourselves from? In addition to the above, we have also starting incorporating neurodivergent programming onto Earth as an evolution to “two-dimensional” thinking. This allows humans to pick up more information at greater rates, often being better at seeing and observing the world outside of their own perception. This isn’t without hiccups. As we reach new heights of human experiences we come across other kinds of side affects. The idea is that with this new wiring of the brain, humans will be able to perceive life through many scopes, at the same time picking up more information than their own personal experience, moving from “2 dimensional” thinking to “5th dimensional” thinking and consciousness. But, first we have to stop treating neurodivergent minds as a problem and embrace the lessons and challenges that come with this new program. Human minds are also programmed to choose comfort over growth. In the survival-based mind, repetition and comfort mean safety. But in the evolving mind, comfort can quickly become stagnation, blockages and a lack of evolution. The more you love comfort, the more Spirit needs to push to gift you change. So, the most stubborn people often suffer much more than needed. Those who are quick to take direction suffer less. But on the flip side, fleeing early is also not an answer! This is where our intuition and healing comes into place. If we are constantly led by our intuition and healing, then we will know when the red flags have become a circus we simply should no longer be participating in. “If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside.“ -Author Unknown How do we break these patterns in the human condition? By challenging humans into changed thinking, shifting their perspective and making them uncomfortable when it’s time to move. This means challenges! So many humans are terrified of this concept and fully believe that challenges are punishment. But, if you want to get stronger, we know we need to work out. Muscles build by slowly tearing and healing. It might hurt. You will be uncomfortable. But you come out stronger and healthier. Life is designed in a similar fashion. You are here to grow, growth means challenges. But, challenges do not mean suffering. Suffering is a side affect of not understanding the process and feeling like a victim to the process. Once we understand the process, we begin to take an active roll in our evolution and stop needing the world to aggressively force us into change for the sake of evolution and conscious activation of humanity for the salvation of Earth. So if the concept scares you, be proactive! Being fired might be scary. But years later we often see it was necessary to push us into better opportunities. This process is also how gifts are activated. Do we NEED suffering? No. If we were consciously aware of our defaults, obsession with comfort, and self-preserving minds, we would find ways to healthily challenge those belief systems and choose GROWTH or evolution. But we do not because the idea is if you knew better, you would do better, but we clearly don’t know better unless an outside force creates the desire, friction, inspiration or catalyst to learn more. In these challenges we are forced to understand or predict our abuser’s actions. What we are actually doing is tapping into our amplified abilities and senses to acknowledge someone’s intentions for us for our own safety. Eventually that means your spiritual growth and evolution depends on you properly reading someone else. That trauma often leads to a desire to know why. Why was I targeted, why did they do that? Was it my fault? This mindset means we are digging deeper into the “why” behind human pain and that process in itself has birthed psychology. Psychology has helped us be more proactive with life by understanding the “why” behind people’s actions without necessarily suffering at all, proof of evolution. We are able to call out red flags, dangerous behaviors and issues before we leap into relationships with hurting people, but also have a better understanding of the struggles that got them to that place and time, giving them the grace to manage those issues without involving ourselves in the story. Even if discomfort is a natural part of the process, it has side affects. One is we may continue carrying the fear and pain from the lessons which can in turn become psychological, mental, emotional or physical illness and issues; a reminder that we have not cleared side effects of old wounds that came with the trauma. We have to heal from the moments that broke and expanded us or we simply cannot use the positive aspects of the lessons at hand. For example, if I was raised in poverty, I might learn to be incredibly creative and resourceful. I might learn to be more thankful. I might have a passion for helping others out of poverty or be drawn to political campaigns that support action to reduce hunger and homelessness. But, it if I don’t heal my relationship with money then I will continue unknowingly choosing poverty based on the mindset and trauma passed on to me generationally. You can’t feed the hungry and house the poor with good intentions. Money makes it easier to accomplish goals for the evolution of humanity. So we picked up the lessons but have to heal the relationship to release the residual energy left when we were breaking the self-preserving shell our brain functions in. Healing means I now use the lesson to support the collective. If we truly want to evolve, we would understand the necessity of learning compassion, love and patience for others WITHOUT first lacking it in ourselves. Remember this the next time a lesson runs you down, being proactive means less suffering. Pain is a part of life, but suffering is a choice. Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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