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Birth Charts and the power of Astrology

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Let’s talk about the life planning that takes place before you are even born. Every star and planet has the potential to birth a soul group. A soul group is our home in the stars. This is where the term “starseed” derived. Earth born souls are a rarity on Earth because Earth is one of the newer planets in our Galaxy. Those souls who are compatible with Earths atmosphere and brave enough to take Earth on, would first come through the Akashic Realm. The Akashic Realm is a realm of life planning, a healing hospital, an astrology charting center, the home of Grand Council. It is where we all must pass before incarnating here on Earth. Earth check point or “immigration center” if you will. The Akashic Realm is better known for its soul database where we Akashic Guides keep soul level information of everyone we meet and cross. It has the origins, incarnations, karmic debts, gifts, soul families and history of every soul and soul group. This database is a highly protected center. One of the most protected centers in our multi-verse as the information can be used to hurt or harm the collective and has in the past. Although many people claim to have access to these records, it is actually a rarity to connect to the database directly. What IS true is we all have access to our OWN records as they are a part of our personal souls’ database.

One of the major planning centers in the Akashic Realm is the life planning center. Here we choose our goals for our life, we plan out a life with multiple options and roads made to complete our goals. Much like enrolling in college, we pick a major and are given a list of requirements to meet that major. We are beings of balance, so we also make sure that we have paid any karmic debts. Karma is the balance of universal energy. It is what keeps energy constant. We must give as much as we take, or we deplete our resources. Karma is that resource. It is not punishment; it is energetic currency. Sometimes we plan lives to cash in karma, other times we plan lives to pay it back when we’ve taken out debts. Paying pack debts can be a service to humanity. Healing. Working with others. As we plan our lives, we have soul family members who may “apply” for roles in your life if the lessons and plan also accommodate their plan. We are assigned, and agree upon a spirit team, a group of spirit guides that will be anchored to us at birth so that they may guide us through life. Then we choose our body and skin based on lesson we need to learn. What kind of life or person would live this life? Do I have lessons connected to my identity? Do I have karma connected to my skin color or sexuality? For example, if we have been racist and cruel we may choose to come in as the race we were cruel to in order to make amends with the people we hurt and heal the hatred we created in the past. We wear our skins before we incarnate, getting the soul use to a new body and image. Then we move to the birth planning center. Here we have many life planners who’s specialty it is to focus solely on giving you the best birthdate to accomplish your life goals and transitions. They take that information and chart the perfect time of birth and conception. Conception plays a strong and powerful time of our life planning. What we cannot achieve with the birthdate, we achieve through the conception. For example, karma to a father wound may be pulled forward in an aggressive or violent conception. When we have the proper mixture, we are given many location options. In this case we choose a family, usually one we know well, and prepare for incarnation. This process can be done quickly to us here on the “human side” because time is only relevant to humanity. Souls to not function on a timeline as our energetic bodies do not decompose or age, only evolve or devolve. The human mind processes everything in linear form, like a computer and therefor requires a sequence of events to make sense of their reality. That is why humans have created the illusion of time. When a soul is ready it will linger near and around the mother until its conception date. When the body is of 8 weeks development in the womb, the soul will anchor itself to the body through the newly developed pineal gland using its mother as a portal to Earth.

We can tap into our soul records and life plan in many ways. One common self-help way is using guided meditations and actively healing triggers in this life. Every emotion is valid, even those you cannot remember the origins too. The more we heal, the clearer we see. We can access some less aggressive past-lives through Past Life Regression Therapy, hypnosis and meditation. We can also heal by seeing past life readers and soul healers like myself. This is profound because most people on Earth have anywhere from 100-700 lives. That means 700 opportunities to experience trauma. Earth is a difficult place to incarnate. Its thick density makes Earth a powerful and unique place to be on, which means we tend to have difficult lives. That is 100-700 chances to come across intense soul level trauma. Those traumas act like tears, scars and leaks to the soul. All this draining of energy makes us feel disempowered, lost, confused, distracted and it keeps us from fully connecting to our higher-self, or master soul which can also keep us from developing our gifts. We are simply too drained to focus our energy anywhere, never mind gifts. Healing will always be your soul’s first priority.

Another way we can tap into this life’s information is through one’s birth chart. Most people live their lives completely unaware of the power of one’s birth chart. We plan every decision, shift, growth, challenge with the astrology that supports it. The world grows and shifts as astrology supports Those shifts. Astrology is the energetic soup and charge of our environment made to bring to light certain themes and energies we are being guided to work though. When we are aware, we may peacefully ride the waves instead of letting them consume us. We are given powerful and profound tools, a guidebook to this life, a birth chart. But unfortunately most of us walk around unaware of that guidebook. We simply don’t have the language or expertise to digest the information in it. At soul level we do, we understand our birth plan. Here in the physical, where the energy is so dense it is difficult to connect to soul. We are given this tremendous detailed map to guide us but we discard it because we simply aren’t aware of its power. The way your birth chart aligns to astrological shifts every day will guide you into the best possible version of yourself. I hope that this information will inspire you to crack the code of your own birth plan Or soul records.

Soul Architect Jessenia, Akashic Realm Guide

opyright © protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo

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