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Benefits of Being a “Young Soul”

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

We always talk about the benefits of experienced souls, but I never hear anyone talk about the benefits of being in an “inexperienced” soul here in the physical world.

Yes, there are benefits! No one talks about it, because to be honest, humans are obsessed with the idea that “old souls” have some type of hierarchy here on Earth; we’re obsessed with the idea that some people are better than others. But just like on Earth, EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT AND HAS TREMENDOUS VALUE.

For the purpose of this write-up, let’s understand that experience means incarnations specifically on Earth, how your soul evolved (depending on your origins and structure), and how easy you take on new concepts. Some souls are very stubborn. Even with 700 lives, they may be hot-headed and stuck in their ways. If their archetype naturally plows over people, they may be suffering a lot of deep karmic debts and wounds. 700 lives don't equate powerful, all-knowing soul. It usually means deep wisdom is available--IF-- they are able to peer deeply into their triggers and wounds long enough to mend them. Also, do they have the tools, and what are tools? Tools include psychological help, mentors, support systems, doctors, healers to support their healing and growth.

That kind of strength is rare. It requires lifetime of devotion and focus. It should always be center stage. Even I, here in my journey, at this very moment, with everything I've already healed, know I have so much more to face and work through. Growth never stops. Lessons never stop. Experience in motion, drive, and thirst for assistance. It is fuel. If we stop learning, we stop expanding. So no, I don’t ever want to be done because I understand creation is infinite, and I want to meet all of creation, so I am not claiming to be complete or perfect.

But the more experience we have, the more trauma we have, the more triggers we have, the more pain we carry, the more self-limiting beliefs we carry, the more lower-level energy we may carry because of those experiences, the more disconnected and lost we feel. So yes, “evolved” isn’t easier by any means, and it doesn’t actually mean you are more connected or wiser than an “inexperienced” soul. Why?

Inexperienced souls—or souls newer to Earth, have less lives here. Less lives mean less trauma. Less trauma means fewer triggers. Fewer triggers mean more focus and connection to their intuition or higher self. This also means less limiting patterns, blockages to receiving, and biases. Sometimes it means more ego. But, all humans can have strokes of ego regardless of how long they have been here.

Most of our spiritual healers and leaders on Earth have been young souls. Souls who can easily connect to spirit because they don’t have as many blocks or obstructions to that connection. That has led to some issues because although they are connected, they cannot always be appropriately integrated into the collective or translated from spirit to humans. You have the connection, but not the relatability of the human experience. If they don’t fully understand what the collective is going through, they can’t speak for the collective in translation or vice versa. For example, I cannot channel healing around the mother wound if I don’t fully understand the human fight and trauma connected to it through experience. So I really wouldn’t know what to ask for. That information is really gathered through the human experience and not the soul's experience outside of Earth. We need both.

So you see, we learn labels so we can see how obsolete they are. We are all valuable. We all have our purpose here, and no one is above anyone else.


Copyright Protected ©️ Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

Art credit: The Soul by Mohamed Saber

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