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“Be careful with your thoughts, they become your reality.”

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I don’t love this saying. Why? This is another form of spiritual bypassing.

Hear me out.

Your thoughts do not become your reality. Your thoughts are your reality. Ignoring them won’t actually help you find peace from the patterns that plague you, regardless of how much this false belief system is played out in modern spiritual culture. “Speaking negatively will create negativity.” Also no. You are speaking negatively because you have a deep inner pattern and wound around your self-esteem that needs repair. Your voice is a warning before it manifests physically. Repressing the warning in order to “avoid” the surfacing of that negative belief will never be a solution.

What should the process look like?

A negative belief system should be traced back to its point of origin, felt and healed, then corrected. You might have to do this 1,000 times if you have 1,000 incidents playing into that toxic tape. Additionally, some of these wounds occurred in past lives or in this life in moments we don’t have the conscious ability to surface. For example, early childhood memories, repressed memories and traumatic events.

So know when to get help.

Remember, those tapes we play, that inner dialogue, the things we think are the truest guide to the pattern or trauma are what we need to expose! STOP REPRESSING THEM with the false illusion that you are “attracting negative things,” the repression and blind avoidance of the problem is exactly the road to manifesting from the trauma. The only way out is doing the work.

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