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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

What is it and what is the purpose?

The human mind and soul is not limitless. But it will sure feel that way compared to the human mind. It’s a vast database. All that you have encompassed over lifetimes. Your souls birth, travels, experiences, jobs, incarnations and evolution. Millions of years, sometimes trillions or more.

What really stops us from accessing that?

•Our ability to heal

•Lack of awareness



Thoughts are a fascinating thing. Our mind can be the gateway to INFINITE understanding or infinite limitations. Our mind is very unlike the soul. It sticks to what it believes to be true and that truth is gathered by a small scope of experience. The truth of a 2 year old is very different than the truth of a 98 year old. Their experience, encounters, observations, schooling, understanding builds and molds the possibilities of “what is” based on the understanding of the human mind. The human mind is programmable. That’s how we learn, but that is also how we stay limited.

Awakening is the activation of the “new program”. The soul database. All of a sudden you notice and see things differently. The soul comes into awareness. You have a sensitivity for ALL energy. Even outside our human spectrum. We begin to see and breakthrough our human limitations. We begin to see and experience with the soul which brings us back into our soul's database and knowing. In this journey, you will awaken hundreds of times. It can be confusing and overwhelming. You will feel like you want to quit. You may want to hide and blame. You may get impatient and feel stuck. You may even feel like you are losing your mind as you break through each ceiling created to limit you. But it’s necessary.

Those who continue to hide will continue to suffer in a state of mind where nothing is possible and they feel like the victim of their surroundings, life, raising and experiences. They will continue to limit themselves with the abuse, blocks, beliefs, fears, manipulation given to them. Never having the courage to breakthrough. And this world will eventually outgrow them. Your only job is yourself. Your personal accountability. Facing yourself. Releasing any and all fear. Thinking for yourself. Walking out of the boxes you were placed in and awakening to your compassion to the collective. We have been separate and asleep so long that we have become enemies of each other. Like cells in the same body fighting one another. Awakening IN COMPASSION means that we are finally functioning in unison. One entity. Unstoppable. What is good for one is good for the collective.

One must also keep in mind that every belief we shatter means we must work through a new layer of ego. Awakening is not a wave, it is a ripple. With every layer of awareness is a layer of shadow and high. The only way to reduce aggressive or self centered ego is to be in constant reminder that we are not a singular vessel but instead a collective body working together to create utopia on Earth. For one to make it, we must all make it. Your knowing, gifts and soul are only as good as the collectives “lowest” vibration.

This is the beginning of a new paradigm. We must be willing to shatter old ways of thinking, to make way for the new.

Copyright © Protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England Psychic Medium

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