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Ascension Symptoms

I’m sharing my personal story because it’s come up twice this month with other clients.

Our body is an energetic accumulation of our experiences over lifetimes. Our experiences will create a certain kind of gravity that pulls forward similar experiences. For example, if we have weak boundaries, we will pull forward people who abuse weak boundaries. We plan our lives to face these obstacles and hopefully overcome them, making them obsolete. Once we climb the mountain, the mountain seems small we are now braver and stronger and no longer limited by that mountain.

There are times in our lives where our soul is trying to push a shifting of vibration. We’ve learned the lessons, and now it’s time for a mass release. We are growing. Like a snake, we try to shed old beliefs systems and patterns, shedding old energy to make space for growth. The shedding of our old vibration so that we may raise our energy or vibration to a new level is what we call ascension. We might get ill; our body is essentially rejecting things that we once called normal. ALWAYS CONSULT A DOCTOR if you feel any of these symptoms or issues. But ascension symptoms can feel like:

* Not being able to eat food you once are comfortable . You may begin rejecting the food with diarrhea, nausea, or even vomiting.

* Part of this rejection of lower-level energy can give you allergy-like symptoms of sneezing, hives, fever.

During this time, I always recommend addressing the symptoms with a doctor. If they “can’t find the issue, don’t know what’s wrong and cannot help you,” It may feel like a virus but often continues for months at a time until we find a solution. Some of the clients I spoke with this week were facing this for over a year! I recommend cutting meat, dairy, and processed sugar out of your diet. Stick to raw fruits and veggies, nuts, and fresh non processed grains. Drink lots of water. Spend time in nature. Meditate. Rest and be gentle with yourself.

My story began almost 4 years ago today. My body was going through such an intense rejection and cleanse that my hair was falling out in chunks. I was covered in hives. My joints were freezing, making it difficult to hold my children or get much done around the house. I would randomly pass out. I was being tested for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. I felt like I would never have answers. So I asked spirit.

Spirit told me what to eat and what to do. In an instant, my gifts started amplifying greatly, and that is when I decided I had a purpose I had to fulfill. I have no had symptoms since then. I have no allergy to foods. I have, on occasion since then, eaten dairy and still had no negative reaction to it. Some of us choose to make the changes as needed when our body and energy forces it upon us. Some choose to keep up the new habits simply because it makes them feel better. That is a personal choice. Usually, these shifts are a couple of months at a time, and people can generally go back to “old ways,” although most of us don’t want to! Junk food just sits differently with me now.

If you are still having issues even with diet change (and have already consulted doctors or medical professionals), it’s usually because you’re not healing correctly. Meaning past life and current life trauma blocks. That is something I can help you with. You can’t “shed” what you don’t recognize as an issue. As soon as we bring awareness to these traumas, people usually start to feel dramatically better.

This is not a punishment. Your energy is bringing to light what this incarnation was created to release so that you can be the best version of yourself as we birth the spiritual golden age and new Earth.

**Please make sure to always consult a medical professional when you are not feeling well. I am not claiming to be a medical professional and not giving medical advice. Just sharing my own personal experience.

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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OMG, you are describing my life right here right now!

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