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Are you haunting yourself?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Did you know that past life versions of you can haunt you?

It’s actually pretty common. This is a term we call unhealed soul fragmentation. When your higher self decides it is ready to incarnate, it will apply for incarnation status in the Akashic realm. The realm would check and see if the soul group you belong to has already been tested and approved for compatibility on Earth. You would then go into life planning, where your master soul fragments into hundreds of selves who start planning out individual experiences, all supervised by the master self. Some of those are less complicated to plan, like the lives of animals. Some are much more complex.

After the intricate life planning, your fragmented pieces are sent into their bodies, and the rest is history. We are born, live, learn who Cher is, then die.

If we have a lot of trauma in life, if we are afraid of crossing over, if we die suddenly or unexpectedly, if we cannot let go, if we are confused about our death or life, we may choose not to return home. We instead “go rogue,” severing our connection to our higher self and living a life on the run as a haunting.

No longer connected to your body, one main source of food, and no longer connected to your higher self, another major source of food-- they struggle to survive here. Starved, they look for ways to siphon energy off their environment. This can mean locating living versions of themselves where they may steal energy or even experiences. Because of this, they can even create more negative karmic debts that will actually affect your master soul. So this might feel like aggressive “bad luck,” even if it really isn’t! If they aren't connected to the master soul, they will siphon energy off of you eating at your karmic bank.

We have free will! It is a gift of our creator, a universal right and something that will never be taken from us. So if we do not want to go home, nothing can stop us. Not even our higher self. They can try to convince them, but they are in two different dimensions without the chord home there is very little communication between the two after we sever that with our free will. Like a rebellious child who ran away from home, we feel a bit helpless even if we understand the danger and pain it might cause everyone involved.

Today, I had a live zoom where spirit said our focus would be pulling up versions of my client who were haunting her. We found many suffering and ill beings that were actually creating her a PLETHORA of medical issues in this life. I wish she would let me share the session it was pretty mind-blowing seeing how it all aligned for her after the session (she has now given me permission, link coming).

Usually, when a fragment of you crosses over, it would go straight into the Akashic realm healing center. At this point whatever severe traumas they suffered would be cleared. Because they never did, and didn’t even know they died, their energy code was still creating AGGRESSIVE painful toxic responses she was carrying, even today, hundreds of years later. This aggressive trauma memory may even trigger genetic illness already in their code. Why and how does this occur? Our soul is a memory of our experiences and here on Earth we are programmed to surface our Earthly experience to heal and clear it. We feel, to bring awareness. That awareness would encourage repair and action. For example, in a perfect world, she would recognize we had a lot of health conditions not really connected to this life and do past life clearing immediately finding those fragments, healing them, healing the patterns, working through the emotional blocks and freeing all of her past selves! if we kept up with it, this might be one or 2 fragments. We are programmed to self-repair! We don't actually like suffering. When we finally heal that energy code the cells created over that energetic code stop reacting to the trauma symptoms. This means healthy cells can be born as human cells are constantly regenerating. With this natural process, a person would replace damaged cells and get stronger and feels better in time. The sooner we do this the more likely we are to not struggle with severe illness. Please note that this does not apply to all illnesses and diseases. Also, I know what you are thinking, if that’s happened for the illness and trauma why can’t I have a couple of hauntings that love working out and being fit? 🤣🤣🤣 You can! Ever met someone so obsessed with their fitness schedule that it ruins their lives? Be careful what you wish for!

Copyright © Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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1 Comment

Crystal VanGelder
Crystal VanGelder
Apr 13, 2022

Jessenia, Thank you soooo very much for our session today! I have just read this blog post about our session. You ABSOLUTELY have my permission to share the session! If anyone else can learn from the issues I've been having, I'd share it with the world! I hope it helps others. Thank you again and I look forward to our next session to releasing and helping more past life "hauntings" cross over! Crystal V.

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