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Angel or something else?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Many people believe that the Bible depicts Angels as the first image. The truth is, I have never seen one of these before, and I connect to Angels daily. So when the opportunity came to meet one, I was very excited to solve the mystery.

What we have here is a “Messenger of Arch Angel Metatron.”

Metatron discovered a way to create a “battery” that can pierce the veils long enough to materialize his messengers and deliver “downloads” to beings on Earth. At the same time, they are incarnated, and their physical body is asleep. They are very bright, so people often can’t fully see their image and have created the image to the left based on what they could see and make out. Today I learned that this “being” that is actually more like an energetic program or “spiritual robot” of sorts is actually run by the Metatron Power Grid and has wings when it comes into the material world so that it may stay afloat. The wings function like that of a hummingbird. Fast enough to keep it in place and able to move forward and backward.

I know I didn’t do a good job, but the last photo is a sketch I made while Metatron was explaining the dynamic / technology behind the design.

The circles you see here are a sacred geometrical design with a bright light in the center, the energy source. The moving pieces circulate the energy through the item feeding on the molecules around it. The physical absorbing them in the outer rings and collecting energy that will break down and combust on the other side of the dimensional veil and transfer back to the physical.

Because of the light, design, and the fact that people are usually waking up and dazed when they see this thing, they confuse the circular items as eyes. It has no eyes. Just points of absorption.

Copyright ©️ Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo

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I’ve seen this. Thank you for describing!!! It’s been on my mind lately. 🤍💗🤍💕🤍

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