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A Lesson from Horus

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Horus was a powerful psychic. Last night he came through to teach me a cool trick he used to read people. He said, “I’m going to teach you how to remove blocks to your success by seeing what is in the way,” and I said, “Let’s hear it.”

He said, “Think about the thing that you want and consider the road least taken to accomplish that goal. What does it look like? We seek the road less taken because it exposes the weaknesses to success in obtaining that goal.”

“Ok.” So I sat and did just that. It seemed silly and simple, but there it was…

What’s the one thing you’ve been looking for this whole year?

What is the least likely road one would take to get that outcome? For example, what’s a sure way to fuck that goal up? Make a list.

How many of those things are you actively participating in?

That’s why you don’t have the thing you want.

Fix those things and get the things you want. Make the corrective actions your new 2023 goals.

It’s simple but it helps expose the ways we sabotage our growth, development, and goals. We know exactly what won’t work, and we do it anyways assuming there is a secret or magical pill that will give us the thing we want although we are doing everything in our power to energetically misalign to the goal.

Hold yourself accountable. Recognize your patterns and reverse engineer them to get different results.

Sometimes the “why” behind the sabotage is unclear. This works for me because I can dig deep into those patterns for myself, exposing them and correcting them. Just know if you come across one of those unknowns, at least you will know what subject to focus on when it comes to healing.

Happy New Year! Make and set those resolutions before Mercury goes into retrograde and use the retrograde cycle to do some shadow work around those self-sabotaging patterns.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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