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By Jessenia Nozzolillo

What is Hell?

This conversation came about when I was watching a popular movie. In the movie, the psychic screamed, “I banish you to Hell,” and I realized how dangerous it was to not understand what Hell actually is.

Humans create names for places that we don’t always fully understand. I’m my work with spirit, I have seen many places people confuse with Hell.

When we are sent to Earth, we are anchored here by our physical vessel made of Earth. This keeps us “grounded,” and trauma will unground us, creating a blockage to our body’s energetic layers or memories with Earth. The more trauma we have on Earth, the less trusting we become with it. This means we may try to flee the body, not fully connecting and having full control. This may result in irrational emotional outbursts, confusion, disconnection to spirit, fear, and many other negative symptoms connected to the traumas rooted in the past memories of our energy. When the physical body dies, its last burst of energy is used to create a gateway home. This doorway is our exit point and key home. If we have trauma, we may refuse to return home. This is what most of us consider a haunting. A soul refusing to return home to its higher-self where it will reconnect to its higher-self heal and find peace for its experiences on Earth. So these hauntings are very much like they were here in the living. They think the same, have limited access to the same memories they would have had in the living, and are confused, scared, and often full of lower-level energies like fear, guilt, and pain. Because they have lost their grip on Earth, they wander between the veils of this dimension and home. This space is not a dimension but rather the in-between. A space in between dimensions that should not exist. Not a part of the plan and not protected by any time of cosmic law. Demonic entities wander here waiting for a portal or invitation to Earth. This is where most of our demonic entities come from. Humans can create a portal anytime they go into meditation with no focus, lucid dream, astral travel, and wander the astrals. Many of us do this unintentionally, not ever recognizing that we are putting ourselves and others in danger. Sometimes they are intentionally invited in by mimicking a deceased loved one they found wandering purgatory or by spying through the veil manipulating and controlling us. Other times it is intentional worshiping and conjuring of sinister entities under the guise that these entities can be tamed and controlled. They cannot. Their energy code is pure destruction. They will feed off anyone and everyone, including and especially the person who invited them through, as that is energetic permission and a strong and easy source of food. Purgatory is a scary place; it is cold, and very little light gets through to here. It is expansive and feels genuinely limitless. Souls stuck here can be perplexed and scared. They often hide from the scarier demonic entities. I have had to brave purgatory to rescue lost souls before. Despite all of this, it is not a place where souls are intentionally trapped to suffer for their wrongdoings. It is instead a place souls get stuck when they refuse the natural order of things because of misinformation and fear.

The Void is the equal and opposite. All soul groups have an energetic vibration and are either of creation or destruction. Demonic entities are soul groups, yes. They have their own personalities and place of origins in the astrals. Their own home. These homes are located in the equal and opposite. In order to have light, there must be a shadow. In order to have a positive, there must be a negative. Just like on Earth, we have life, and that also means at some point, death duality is the natural order of energy and, in fact, what keeps energy infinite. They are the destruction code to energy, and we are the creation code. The issue comes when those dimensional beings do not follow order and instead “illegally” travel through the barriers to inhabit Earth. Order is necessary for both sides to thrive as creation cannot exist in the same place as destruction. This is where we usually send demonic entities who are found and trapped on Earth. We send them back home where they cannot hurt humans unless, of course, humans invite them back, though. And yes, human souls do also wander in their realms! It goes both ways. Lack of education and training on both sides makes souls innocently and dangerously curious about what lies on the opposite side of their reality. But this is not where human souls are trapped to suffer endlessly. This is not where human souls are burned for eternity.

An inter-dimensional Astral Prison is a place that was created for the more dangerous demonic entities and hauntings. When a haunting or demonic entity has made a mark on Earth, it usually has stories told about it. Sometimes those stories become campfire stories, legends, scary stories we tell each other for a good spook. But these stories also act as a conjuring portal that can actually invite the entities through back into Earth. So when an entity is well known or even recorded on any type of device (tv, film, photograph, etc.), it must be put in this astral prison where it is energetically starved and cut from all Earthly energies in a one-way feeding device that slowly starves the entity so it cannot cause anyone any harm. Some of the most notorious hauntings and demonic entities are now trapped here under constant guard and supervision. After some time of being trapped and energetically drained, some of the hauntings return to their more human nature. They can eventually begin the process of healing where they are slowly cleared for reintegration to their master souls WITH GREAT SUPERVISION AND CARE.

The underworld is here on Earth. When Lucifer went rogue, he made a deal with demonic entities to create his own form of order and punishment on Earth, feeling like Grand Council and the Akashic realm was too loose with their punishment process. He wanted people who hurt others to suffer because he had suffered at their hands. He wanted his form of justice. The clash of “order” inspired him to create his own. He did this by enlisting the help of demons I call crossroads demons. They strike a deal with desperate beings to exploit their negative intentions in order to mark them. We are all a fragment of our higher self, so even a marked soul is just a fragment of the whole, and because of that, it will always be connected to the master soul, which means a bound soul will always pull energy from its master soul. This is enticing and powerful energy for these demonic entities—an infinite energy source. Lucifer got incredibly powerful with these soul hubs. He hid these hubs underground in caverns living humans would never cross. This meant that he would go unnoticed from the higher realms but also those who walk the Earth with the gift of demonic vision and removal, allowing them to continue growing. They also quickly found Earth's core a powerful energy source and a great way to trap the lost souls burning them for eternity. This meant punishing them for their behavior but also creating suffering, food for the demonic he continued calling through to “keep order” and “do his bidding.” This is the closest description we have to Hell, and it is here on Earth. Under our feet. As part of my mission in this life, I have begun breaking down these caverns and properly removing the entities responsible for the trapping of these souls sending the souls back to where they belong.

These are all very different places. If we banished a soul to “Hell,” we are actually asking them to serve an infinite sentence on Earth. See why education is so important? This is why many of these prayers don’t actually banish anything. They may raise the vibration of a space or person enough to reject the entity from their space or body. But they are not properly removed from Earth.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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