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13 Things I Learned Connecting to the Deceased

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

What is my least favorite session?

A mediumship session with the deceased.

Why? Because it’s hard!

Deep healing and release are my thing. In mediumship, we find that both parties have a lot of release and healing needed for the connection. It’s not “too late” but feels that way as the healing now has to take place on the other side.

I feel everything. Every time I do a mediumship session, I feel the pain of loss for the person who has left Earth and the people they left behind. It’s a hard connection to make. I am a telephone to the most difficult conversation anyone will ever have to have! It will never get easier. Every loss is just as painful. Yes, they are still here for you, but it’s harder for you to hear them, and all of that pressure falls on people like me who can be that telephone line to the other side making sure the healing takes place and there is closure for both sides.

But, despite the overwhelming difficulty and pain in the session, these connections have taught me more about life than anything ever could. And despite the emotional overwhelm and pressure, it is not lost on me how special it is to provide this type of connection and the responsibility it entails. Regardless, this has been a difficult season of losses. Those losses are overwhelming and difficult for many to manage so I thought it was appropriate to share some beautiful lessons I’ve learned in my connections with the deceased.

1.) It’s never too late to say sorry.

2.) It’s never too late to start fresh.

3.) You shouldn’t hold off the things you wanted to do, ever. No better time than the present do for what fuels the soul.

4.) Love hard.

5.) Be present. Really sit and enjoy the people you love.

6.) No, they aren’t upset you didn’t get to say bye. When they cross over, they focus on the millions of memories you did have. Not the one moment they had before death when you couldn’t be by their side.

7.) It’s ok to die alone, and some souls prefer it. Some souls have a hard time seeing the pain and suffering of their loved ones as they transition, so they actually don’t like to cross over when they have company. It really makes it very hard for some of them.

8.) They usually don’t care what happens to their body after death. If a soul crosses over and has found peace, it is no longer attached to their body and material possessions. It usually doesn’t care if it’s buried or cremated or that it has a $10,000 casket and 10,000 headstones. They usually don’t care. What they do care about is that their loved ones have some type of space or memorial for them that they feel comfortable visiting; even if they are always with you, it brings ease to the living knowing they have a place to visit. They also love the idea of ash jewelry because it means you can always carry them with you if that’s something their loved one is comfortable with.

9.) They hate that we fight over their possessions after death. It is really is gross. If anything, it’s a lesson to me that everything will be distributed and managed in my living state, knowing that the arguments won’t and shouldn’t be a thing after I pass.

10.) They want you to remember the good times. Not the times of guilt, pain, loss, struggle, and negativity. But fully understand the need, to be honest, and call them out in their behavior for the healing and evolution of the family. So no, they are not offended when we speak “badly” of them. As long as you are being honest, evaluating those points of trauma actually helps them find peace with it themselves.

11.) They are always watching us. It’s almost like a TV screen where they can view our lives as observers. They send us memories, dreams, messages, radio messages, animal messages, and numerology to show us love and connection.

12.) They are never alone. If they have crossed over, they reunite with all their loved ones and family members right away. The welcoming committee is created to ensure their transition is as positive as possible.

13.) “What can I do for my loved one that’s transitioning?” Send them love! Let them know it is ok and you know they will be back in a different form to connect. Let them know you don’t want them to suffer. Tell them how much you love them. Talk about the good times. Fill them with love. It’s hard, but it helps them, and I think that’s the most courageous thing any of us can really do.

So many people are leaving Earth right now. So many people are struggling with loss this season. I hope this helps you find peace with the experience and helps you understand the process a little better.

I am keeping you all in my prayers and hope you found something useful in this.


copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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