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Spiritual Development: Level One

Spiritual Development Class: Whats Included?

Spiritual Development Class is a great way to dive deep into all things spiritual! 


This Spiritual Development Class consists of 5 units, each jam-packed with informative content. 


Additionally, students will have access to Jessenia’s private Discord community and Live Group Coaching via Zoom for 3 months. Graduates also get to join an exclusive Facebook group where they can connect to other students and receive any updated information as it arises.


As part of the involvement in the Group Coaching community, members would be entered into a raffle for each month their membership is live, which allows them the opportunity to win a one-on-one session with Jessenia.


This class is for people who are serious about their spiritual journey and ready to dive deep into difficult subjects and conversations about the Soul. 


It challenges you to look at your own blocks and obstructions to development and connection.


Like most online classes, the 17+ hours of video content is pre-recorded and dense with valuable information and lessons but students will still have access to Jessenia live during Group Coaching via Zoom, leaving space at the end for attendee questions!


Class outline:


Class is self-paced within a timeline of about 3 months, 1 unit per every other week. Each unit will have a quiz to ensure that you understand the information that has been provided. The class has 17+ hours of private lectures created specifically for the purpose of spiritual competence, comprehension and implementation.


This class if for anyone who is serious about learning more about Spirit and themselves. It is not a light class. It will require focus and devotion to growth.


The class price INCLUDES:


  • Access to Live Group Coaching for three months valued at $333 usd

  • Access to Discord for 3 months valued at $21 usd

  • One week of intuition coaching and practice valued at $733 usd

  • 17+ hours of class specific training and information. Valued at $1,533 usd

  • Class pdf “Spiritual Development: Level one” valued at $12.99 usd


This is a $2,632.99 USD value! 

But, for a limited amount of time, class is only $988 USD! 

Enroll Below


We will discuss subjects like:


The Awakening Process.


Soul Reintegration: The journey of the Soul from birth through its lives and back.


Soul origin, life planning in the Akashic Realm

Who were the Anunnaki? Is there free will? What happens after death?


The importance of meditation and grounding and getting the best results.


Reasons we feel disconnected and how to remedy the issue. 


Self-love, self-repair, and self-actualization.


Healthy relationships.


Shame & sexuality: fetishes, desires, healing sexual trauma.


Proper gift use & energy exchange.


Healthy boundaries.


The 5 energetic bodies and how to understand them. 


Villainization for the spiritual community.


Common questions.


How to understand, recognize & clear biases for more powerful connections. 


Narcissists and Empaths: Understanding the duality between opposites. 


Past Lives, imprints, patterns, themes and illnesses.


Different types of apparitions: Ghosts, souls, guides, Ascended masters etc.


Miraculous healing.


Gifts & how they are used or stored in the chakras.


Intersensory gift structure: A rare and painful gift.


Tools of divination introduction and how to!


Class takes place online via Thinkific. There are 5 units lasting 2 weeks each. 


  • Unit 1 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening to spirituality. Understanding levels of energetic vibrations. Learning about the best meditation tools, oils, and herbs. Learning about higher self and connecting to higher self. Learning how and why to ground. Guided meditation background and then guided meditation. Basic spiritual concepts, connection, tools of protection.


  • Unit 2 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening guided meditation. Soul realignment background information. Past lives and how they obstruct this life. Self-limiting beliefs. Discovering healing after past life trauma. The Soul, origination, Akashic realm. 



  • Unit 3 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening meditation. Chakra energy and how they work. What obstructs them. How to heal them and KEEP them healed. How current life choices go against our Soul blueprint, Soul archetype, and chakras or how they have the ability to help us create abundance. This life self-repair, accountability patterns.


  • Unit 4 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening meditation. What spiritual gifts look like in the chakras. How do we access and open these energies? How can we unblock them and use them to their full potential? Healing the trauma that blocks the gifts and using the gifts in our everyday lives. Chakra energy scans for gifts report. Past lives. 


  • Unit 5 Outline: Learning about gifts, the origin of gifts, and all about how gifts function. How they may be blocked and how to unblock them. 


Graduates also have the ability to be added to a Facebook group especially made to update all students on any energetic changes, allow graduates to connect, share growth, and practice with each other.


Jessenia selects admin team members from the certified graduate’s group to manage the larger group of 55k members called “Soul Architect Jessenia's Group” on Facebook. In exchange for managing the group, the admin are allowed to market their services, make posts and perform readings.



Prices and Cancellation policy:

The group is very limited so no refunds will be offered.

Does My time zone matter?

Jessenia works with clients all over the world. the class program allow students to engage and learn on their own time and schedules. We recommend devoting about 5 hours a week to the class for the best results! some may need more time to absorb the material and complete the work.

Reserve your seat here!

This is a $2,632.99 USD value! 

But, for a limited amount of time, class is only $988 USD! 

OR 3 payments of $355 USD

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Families Communicating Via Video Calls

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