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Webinars & Classes for the curious
mind and soul.

Here we have a series of webinars. These on demand educational videos range from multi-week programs to short 20 minute informational clips. It is so important to remember that all of these videos are automated and there is no personal time or sessions included with any of the items listed here on this page. There is an option to join the Spiritual Development Class with guidance and personal involvement with Jessenia herself. But that is a whole different purchase and includes 3 Akashic Reports. 


These videos are hosted and managed through a third party platform. Pleas make sure to save your access codes and links as Jessenia will not have access to them after your purchase. If you bought the 'Creation' book release package, the first 40 educational webinars (not classes) released were included in that purchase. Please DO NOT rebuy them as there will be no refunds on accidental reorders. If you are a Tier Three Member of the Mentorship Program, all webinars (not including classes) released during your subscription time are included in your subscription. If you have topics you would like to see added here, please submit them on the contact link below.


Thank you!

*All purchases are final and non-refundable.

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