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HERA: A Nonprofit Ministerial Organization devoted to Humanitarian Education Resources & Aid. Together, we will elevate humanity.

HERA: Humanitarian Education, Resources & Aid

Soul Architect Jessenia, an auxiliary of HERA.

Soul Architect Jessenia is an official Minister of HERA: a private Nonprofit Ministerial Organization. HERA is an organization devoted to Humanitarian Education, Resources & Aid. 

HERA, HERA Ministries, and the HERA Ministerial Organization are devoted to the elevation of humanity through a series of efforts. We provide spiritual services, education, opportunities and counseling for members that include but is not limited to the following: Group events, spiritual based sermons, individual sessions, gatherings and events.


HERA is based on the principle that healing, self-direction and evaluation will bring us closer to Source and therefore the collective fabric that is humanity. With healing, acts of service and education, we fully believe that the world will move into higher states of consciousness. HERA understands that the foundation of the individual’s health and wellbeing is directly connected to the health and wellbeing of the collective, and therefore responsible for the evolution of humanity. We help facilitate this process through evidential spiritual practices, sessions, events, humanitarian aid and education. 

HERA believes in the power of the individual to be an unstoppable force of positive change for the world. We work to awaken that divine force in the individual and thus through humanity.

HERA has many passions and plans for assisting collective evolution through its direct involvement and services, the first mission is reducing starvation in America. 

Learn more about our mission to feed 1 million people.

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