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Jessenia is a published author, psychic medium, Akashic Records Guide and worldwide spiritual teacher. Her gifts are varied and powerful. As an Akashic Records Guide and past life reader, she has the rare ability access your deepest soul-level experiences for the purpose of catalyzing profound healing and self-awareness. A natural side effect of this deep soul-level healing process is the awakening and evolution of your spiritual gifts, which Jessenia also reads and trains. This is a process Jessenia calls, SOUL REINTERGRATION. Through her healing modality, she will access, heal and repair the fragments of self we have lost in trauma, calling one’s power back to us. This strengthens our personal soul-level connection and brings us to such a profound place of healing, knowing and clarity that one naturally begins to establish their connection with spirit in the most amplified way possible--while appropriately participating in this human experience. 


Discover your soul’s database with your very own direct line to spirit by your side. Jessenia is highly gifted, but she humbly keeps no secrets about how she accomplished this type of awareness and connection. She fully understands that everyone has the potential to be just as gifted, or more! Jessenia is on a mission to share what she has learned with people across the globe, helping the world unlock their gifts and acknowledge their divinity.


Ascend to your highest vibration and master your gifts with Jessenia’s sessions, Classes, Books, Webinar’s, coaching and healing support.


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