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Welcome to Spiritual Development ONLINE!



Next class enrolling for September 13th 2023. To reserve a space please click here: 

Class Outline:


Spiritual Development with Jessenia.


Class will take place every Wednesday after start date on Facebook via a private group. Refer to schedule below to see how long each unit is. We transition on Wednesday’s for the next weeks materials, homework and lectures. The class has 20 hours of private lectures created specifically for the class but as new information develops I add supporting posts, articles, videos and information you may have seen on my pages that support the private lectures specifically for class. So note that the advertised 20 hours is still class specific available no where else on the internet and seen as the “lecture videos” with additional information you may have seen around that supports the weeks topic. 


I recommend this class to anyone who is serious about learning more about spirit and themselves. It is not a light class. It will require focus and devotion to growth.


The class price INCLUDES:


•Akashic Report 1: $285 usd value

•Akashic Report 2:$285 usd value

•Akashic Report 3:$285 usd value

•$200 usd credit when booking Past Life Journeying Session 

•One week of intuition coaching and practice $744 usd value


That in itself is $1,799 usd value. But, class is only $1,333 usd! PLUS you also get:


•20 hours of class specific training and information

•Many additional supporting videos, posts and guidance

•Weekly access to me to address questions and support or clarify the material for 11 weeks


All class graduates also have the opportunity to join my graduates group where you can communicate with other graduates, get updates on any of the class information and continue practicing your gifts! 


Class takes place online in a private Facebook group. There are 6 units. Unit 1-5 lasts 2 weeks each and Unit 6 is one week of practice. The group opens Wednesday’s and the students are allowed to watch the lectures, videos, read the supporting material on their own time spending the 2 weeks connecting, absorbing the material and asking questions at their own pace. 


•Unit 1 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening to spirituality. Understanding levels of energetic vibrations. Learning about the best meditation tools, oils and herbs. Learning about higher-self and connecting to higher self. Learning how and why to ground. Guided meditation background and then guided meditation.


•Unit 2 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening guided meditation. Soul realignment background information. Past lives and how they obstruct this life. Self-limiting beliefs. Discovering healing after past life trauma. Soul realignment reports. Questions on your specific reports. Delivery of Akashic Report 1.


•Unit 3 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening meditation. Chakra energy, how they work. What obstructs them. How to heal them and KEEP them healed. How current life choices go against our soul blueprint, divine energy and chakras or have the ability to help us create abundance. Delivery of Akashic Report 2. 


Unit 4 Outline: 2 weeks long. Opening meditation. What spiritual gifts look like in the chakras. How do we access and open these energies? How can we unblock them and use them to their full potential? Healing the trauma that blocks the gifts and using the gifts in our everyday lives. Chakra energy scans for gifts report. Questions. Delivery of Akashic Report 3. 


•Unit 5 Outline: 1 week long. With the skills and information you discover about yourself in regard to spiritual energetic strengths and gifts - we will use tools of divination to practice reading ourselves and others energy. Tools of divination dowsing rods, pendulums, scribing tools, automated writing, tarot cards. Which tools you use depend on your gifts. We will also end the course with a better understanding higher-selves and guides assistance in our every day. Last hour will be invite a friend to be your subject for a mini reading and a small course completion ceremony with snacks. How you be able to use this information and the newly found information to tap into your own Akashic Records.


•Unit 6: 1 week long. Live practice with real volunteers. Learn to implement your gift report and trust your intuition in a live group setting with guidance from Jessenia. 

Graduates also have the ability to be added to a Facebook group especially made to update all students on any energetic changes, allow graduates to connect, share growth, and practice on each other.

From this graduates group, Jessenia selects admin team members for her larger group of 55k members called 'Soul Architect Jessenia's Group'. In exchange for managing the group, the admin are allowed to market their services, make posts and perform readings.

Payment plans for the class are available and the payment policy is as follows. 4 payments of $335 USD due every other week. A seat cannot be reserved in class until the last payment is made. To enroll in the payment plan, please email Jessenia directly.



Prices and Cancellation policy:

The group is very limited no refunds will be offered.

Spiritual Development Class
Soul Architect, Jessenia

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