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Mediumship Connections

Mediumship is a rare gift that allows us to act as a telephone to the deceased. It is a crown chakra gift. Those with this ability, can open a portal to directly connect to spirits no longer anchored to the physical realm. There is a common misconception that souls are "unavailable" for whatever reason. This is never the case, souls are never unavailable. But, if you aren't actually a medium, the soul may not come through because there is no gateway. Souls need a direct personal connection to visit. This connection is only for our loved ones who have passed on from this life.

Lit Candles

What should you expect?

A session to connect to your deceased loved ones. This session takes place live via Zoom. You can invite as many people as you wish to this live one hour Zoom session. It is your choice and responsibility how you share your time. The full hour is good for one or two connections to deceased loved ones. Live sessions are strict and cannot go over the time permitted, as others are waiting to start their session soon after yours, so if you think the connection or audience may need more time, I would recommend booking more than one session. Keep this in mind when planning as mediumship connections can be very emotional and hard to walk away from.

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