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Why does everything think they are Queen Victoria and Cleopatra?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

When we decide to incarnate onto Earth, part of that incarnation process is soul fragmentation. Your higher self would create about 300- 1,000 or so fragments, and those fragments would begin their life planning process. Each life requires a couple of million souls to check, plan and replan with that fragment. The ability to fragment is what makes the soul a 5th-dimensional experience. We exist in each molecule of our being. One molecule can travel and bring back information from its experiences, intergrading it to the master soul or “home base” so we learn, experience, and are multiple places simultaneously. But only one fragment exists in a body at a time, or should. In times or places they don’t, we have an illness we call Dissociative Identity disorder. This is usually caused when a person takes on such horrible trauma as a child that their soul will actually sever from the body and flee. Local souls, or hauntings may take over that vessel and fight for control of that vessel because the originating soul's anchor is now gone. So no one really owns that body. This means many fragments inhabit one body. It is rare and not likely. So the idea that there were ten Cleopatras is not likely, but there may have been other famous souls that had more than one inhabitant.

More likely is the fact that people want to remember a life one way, even if it wasn’t true. When you access your past lives, you see the life exactly how it felt for you. When I access the life, I have trained myself to access the proper moments and memories of that life, pointing out how you saw it vs. how the world saw it. This is true in this life too. Meaning a child that suffers great trauma in their childhood actually has the capacity to change the memory for their own safety or understanding. For example, if your mother was a nice mother during the day, but at night she became this awful, horrible monster that abused you, you might create a character in your mind for survival, giving her a different face or mask when she is abusive and not safe so that you can have the privilege of enjoying the mother who was seemingly kind and compassionate. Your brain is trying to adjust to a life that doesn’t make sense to them. It’s a natural trauma response.

So, it’s clear how this may also occur in past-life recall. In my work, if have people come to me and claim to be famous people or present for famous events. I’ve found that these huge prominent figures have so many fans and obsessed followers that they confuse their obsession for this person for a life as that person. As someone who reads past lives, I found that the original or real person actually hates their past life and is usually disgusted by the idea—not infatuated and obsessed. After all, they have trauma with their behavior because they know things about themselves nobody else knew. They are usually quick to call out the fact that this person is not who people thought they were and even unworthy of the attention they received. We are usually our worst critic. In cases where we were not our worst critic, reincarnations of famous people actually suffer immense trauma. So intense they are not always functional members of society in this incarnation. It takes a very specific kind of soul to properly take on the ridicule and judgment of millions. That kind of pressure will crush most soul groups. Think for a moment how it feels to be on stage in front of 200 people who are laughing at you and criticizing you… now multiply that by millions—for a lifetime. It’s a lot to take on and heal from.

For example, we may see Tesla as someone who was taken advantage of and manipulated, used, and conned. Tesla sees himself as someone who was too shy and awkward to succeed in the high profile life, often turning down large amounts of money because he wasn’t good with managing people, self-sabotaging his own technology and success. There is so much more to it, this is just a quick summary on what I recall from the session.

I’ve seen a lot of people be close to Cleopatra and think they were her. But they were instead servants, obsessed men, admiring women that were all so obsessed with her image that they really lost themselves trying to be like her and idolizing her in that life. But no one but Cleopatra knows how insecure she is. How deeply she loved. Her passion for her polygamist relationships. How she used people around her to seem more competent and educated than she was. What a failure she felt like and how difficult it was to betray your family, even if she felt like it was right. She held that pain and was the only one who really understood it. Again a very quick summary…

Additionally, if a life had an intricate story, movie, articles, or plays written about it-people from all over the world on many walks of time have internally imagined what it may be like to be them, be close to them, and be a part of their lives. That imagination can also be mistaken for a memory for the untrained eye.

When most individuals go onto their own past life recall, they are still fully in charge. We are guided into retrieving our own memories and surfacing them. Your memories can be influenced and infiltrated. If this is your first or 10th self recall, you still haven’t developed a solid foundation or understanding of past life work and the purpose of it all. So many inexperienced souls travel in to prove to themselves that they are something extraordinary. But none of that truly matters. The only purpose of going into your past lives is to heal those fragments of you so that you can move on into this experience and continue evolving—IN THIS LIFE. It is not to obsess over who you were. That is improper use of past lives and can actually cause significant soul level damages and losses where someone now identifies with the timeframe of the person they were obsessed with getting sucked back into that obsession.

Someone who reads thousands of past lives I do not need to lie or say you are someone you were not. I go in, heal and clear, then move on and teach you how to do the same.

Some common mixups are beings like Einstein, Tesla, Queen Victoria, and Cleopatra. Reading these lives, I've noticed that they all had tremendous soul level missions that they failed— although they got very close to accomplishing their goals, closer than anybody else! Many of us actually observe and study their lives even in spirit to understand how they got so close to that mission and how we can ourselves complete it. So it’s important to recognize that we still use them as a role model not only in the physical but also the spiritual. This means we feel like we know them personally, even if we don’t. Many of us confuse this deep soul level knowing and studies as living their life.

All of this information is channeled from spirit and the Akashic Records it is not intended to diagnose or treat anyone’s illness or even over ride the directions and diagnosis of a medical professional.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021.

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