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Where There is Great Pain, There is Great Potential for Love

Spirit has been working very hard to teach me this lesson, and it’s terrifying.

If we have a very traumatic past life, that life drains a lot of our life force and takes from our ability to live and love openly. The wounds are bleeding out and that becomes inefficient use of energy. We bleed on other, projecting our pains and repeated patterns.

When we locate that wound, we can repair it. This stops the bleeding but also allows the body to become stronger. Emotional and past life wounds are similar.

Where there is great pain, there once was love. We know this to be true! For example, if you truly love someone deeply, you may mourn loosing them. The more you loved the more painful it may feel. Then we come to the completion cycle which usually happens when we cross over and realize we don’t own people and never really “had” anyone, we just enjoyed spending time with them and will always love them because our souls are infinite. Loss is an illusion of possession and an illusion of the human timeline. When we see loss as an illusion, we instead become thankful for the time we did have with them, realizing they could have chosen to spend their time anywhere in the cosmos with anyone, but they chose you. They chose to be here with you, sit by you, listen to your emotions, thoughts and stories and be a part of your world. That is a precious thing. Your time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone!

This understanding doesn’t make loss go away fully. I’ve volunteered in grief groups, connecting parents to their deceased children and it was hands-down the most difficult experience I have ever had. Being a mom, I can’t imagine ever loosing my children. They are my whole world.

When someone takes a space in your life, the void they leave is equal to the space they took. If someone was a huge presence in your life, and the emotions were deep, the void left is much larger. Some people never heal from this void. They never find peace with the loss. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know how, sometimes it’s a choice! I have come across clients who didn’t want to heal the void because they felt like they would forget their loved ones.

If and when we have the courage to face the void, we would heal and alchemize the energy in the space by creating love. Love is the only energy that repairs and heals. It’s the base of all emotion and like a stem-cell it takes the composition it needs to repair all wounds. It’s the highest vibrational energy known to humans and Spirit alike.

So what happens in the case of a twin flame union?

First let’s discuss twin flames. This is someone that has had 300 or more lives with you in a relationship setting. The more lives you’ve had with someone, then the more trauma you’ve likely experienced with them. The more likely you are to be triggered by them or around them, the more likely it is to surface old wounds and repeat them. For example…

Life one: deep powerful love. Self-esteem issues. Cheating, distrust, pain.

Life two: distrust leads to more cheating and avoidant behaviors or controlling abusive behavior.

Life three: triggered, controlling, explosive life where neither party is aware of the origin of the pain and distrust, aggressively possessive with one another and both are participating in toxic relationship patterns.

This is why we intentionally layer lives in intimate relationship, friendships or family.

Each life, a new layer is added to the complexities of the emotions and challenges faced. Each challenge going deeper than the last, densifying the energy and creating a larger void. Eventually, that pain is so deep we are forced to face it pulling up all of the lives we suffered in that theme. When we have the wisdom, courage and know how to manage the side effects of this deep emotional void and continuous soul pattern, something miraculous happens! We have the potential to heal HUNDREDS of lives at once, alchemizing the deepest wounds known to humanity into love.

Now, instead of 300 lifetimes of pain, we have 300 lifetimes of love in our conscious mind layered over and over again. The world simply doesn’t understand the power of that kind of evolution, because it’s never existed here! Most twin flame relationships are so triggering that we have not been able to complete the intention. In addition to this, most people don’t know how to access their own past lives, heal them or do the work intentionally after it’s been surfaced!

So in many ways this potential stays untapped here on Earth — although we have been trying!

The integration of such an experience also has side affects. A twin flame union will trigger all of your deeply repressed pains and wounds. This can feel like waves of explosive emotion, unjustified fears, heavy and overwhelming emotion — good and bad — the kind that makes you forget who you are, where you are and what’s culturally acceptable or appropriate. Some people even unconsciously timeline shift reliving old memories without understanding their origins.

When I say “deep emotion,” let me clarify. Most of the emotion we have experienced in this life is either one life of pain or two compounded lives. We are still trying to manage the symptoms of that! It can be debilitating for most humans to trigger even one past life trauma. I have see people’s lives changed with 3 lives surfaced! If I couldn’t heal from an old wound, it will surface as it’s triggered by the reoccurring energy imprint creating the void in my energy field asking me to heal it. Meaning, I call the pattern forward. This resurrection of the old wound means I can now heal it! We cannot heal anything we don’t see first as a wound/problem. So now both situations are healed. Twin flame unions can pull up 300 lives that wound repeated. It is so aggressive that it may feel like you are losing control, obsessed and even overwhelmed with the thoughts, not fully seeing an out. It feels all consuming.

Additionally, the surfacing of lives can create confusion in people who don’t understand past lives which can lead to psychosis and deterioration of the physical mind. Our lives blur and we forget where we are, which life we are in and what is “real” or not “real.” It’s all real. It’s just not all from this particular reality.

Now, I’m not saying “suffer so that you may know love deeper.” But this physical reality is constructed through personal interpretation in a self-preserving mind. This means that the brain cannot comprehend someone else’s pain and have compassion for it, unless they have experienced that themselves, in one life or another. That is the main issue with Earth; the disconnect from the collective in addition to the silencing of Spirit because of the self-preserving mind and density of Earth. So we remedy that by programming the subconscious mind with the experiences and challenges of the Earth’s full existence which is both positive and negative. So in life planning we work to write in experiences so that we may master the lessons by having more compassion for those stuck in the same patterns, reconnecting through that compassion, or love collectively. The more we experience, the deeper we love. The deeper the experience, the deeper the potential for love.

Let’s incorporate this into the multidimensional past life integration process. Every time I have the courage to pull up and heal a past life, I also integrate the information of that life and the skills mastered! That evolves this experience and my overall soul mission. It helps me tap into deeper levels of awareness, emotional intelligence, and growth! So triggering and resurrecting 300 past life versions of you can be quite the quantum leap in your own evolutionary process, which is the whole purpose of the union.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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