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The Illusion of Rarity

The Illusion of Rarity

I was watching my toddlers play the other day. They had a bucket foam darts left over from a party. There were about 300 darts and 2 small children. They immediately went through the darts and fought over the rare colors. They weren’t their favorite colors or even super exciting. Some where even broken. But they were “rare” so they fought. The illusion of rarity is a control mechanism. We are taught that money, healing, growth, riches, health, happiness are a rare gem. Something we only get with tremendous work and sacrifice. That we must fight for this rarity, because something can only be controlled if it is rare. Something keeps its value, if it is rare. Capitalism is built off the idea that money must be treated as rare therefor a blessing to obtain. In that rarity money maintains its value and its power over the world. If we all had money and comfort, it would loose its “value” or power to manipulate the masses. People would see that money wasn’t the ONLY importance in life. They would stop idolizing the rich and the rich would no longer carry such power. We get closer to taking back our power every time we heal a self-limiting belief, emotional wound, past life trauma, generational trauma. Healing makes us more aware and more powerful. So it isn’t surprising that soul healing has been kept from humanity as a whole. Many of the sponsored healers fed to you are those that aren’t actually going to cause huge change in your life or energetic field. They are distractions to your current state so that you continue to stay stuck. In staying stuck and limited there is no growth. No empowerment. No escape from the cycle. You stay truly unaware of your own power, distracted by conspiracy theories, rerunning old wounds, never connecting to your soul and never breaking from the cycles. What happens to a society unable to heal? They search for the quick fix, a pill, a bottle of booze, an escape, blame, inner and outer war. They continue abusive cycles and painful scenarios that continue to rerun in their psyche. They are told that “seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing” beyond the physical spectrum is “crazy” that they are lunatics who should be burned at the stake, enemies of the world, an army sent from the devil king himself. These are all patterns of limitation. A trap of self-destruction. An abusive relationship with our reality. We are limited, because we cannot see the programs that limit us. The illusion of rarity being one. There has always been more then enough in this world. Enough love, enough wealth, enough food, enough happiness. Enough. But if we aren’t aware, we cannot see it, we comply with the idea that we are not worthy of it because we are not enough. We are damaged. Suffering. Unworthy of enough. So we allow the cycle of greed by complying with sacrifice. There is no greed without sacrifice. They are two polarities to the same monster. Gift are not negative and they are not a rarity. Gifts left untrained do continue to limit us, cause us issues and let in “dark energy” because we aren’t protecting ourselves. Much like sex without protection. We are mixing energies with our environment and without proper protection we do actually pick up “soul infections” or negative energy and entities. Connecting to our soul is not a gift, it is a natural ability we all have. It is something we are all capable of. But what separates me from you? Why can I connect to spirit, angels, guides, past lives, hear the direction of God/gods and goddesses, be aware of my own energy, release judgment etc.? I have found the key to healing and self-repair. I am aware. I have found ways to break through the programming. To see the ways humanity has been tricked into self-limitation and rewrite those programs within myself therefor activating my soul to body integration. This means my “gifts”, or soul level job as an Akashic Guide are available to me in “waking” state and I can tap into that knowledge at will. We have to share this work with the world. We need to heal. We need to see beyond the programs that restrict us beginning with the illusion of rarity. Copyright © Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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1 Comment

Rosane Akerman
Rosane Akerman
Apr 25, 2020

Beautiful words, raw truth, it is time to reconnect to our true selves 🙏🏻

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