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Life, is not an accident.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Judgment is obsolete at Soul level. As we heal, we realize that our judgments are based off Soul level beliefs, trained thoughts and manipulation. As we heal, that perspective shifts. We simply see the larger picture. Souls are not forced to incarnate. Right now, we are seeing a massive influx of babies being born over the last 3 years who CHOOSE to come in to Earth to complete karmic debts. 10 years ago, I might have seen this influx and thought “How irresponsible to bring children into this world at this time for [insert millions of reasons here].” But now, I get it. Now I understand. We’re all on the same journey. A child is not born without a Soul. That means the Soul NEEDS to be here for some reason or another. The parents failure or success is the lesson for them, the child’s response to that is their lesson. But both are 100% aware that this may play out both ways BEFORE signing up. That is the lesson. My parents probably shouldn’t have had me. My mother was young and had a lot of healing to do. She had been abused her whole life. She didn’t know how to take care of herself, never-mind other humans. My father was an abusive addict. Even killed my mother in front of me only to bring her back with CPR. One might look at that and think, “What right do you have to bring children into this world?” My mother, later on in my life, full of wisdom and love said to me one day in my teens after I had fallen into the same pattern pregnant and young, “I’m sorry I couldn’t be the mom you deserved. You taught me what it was to be a mom and I’m still learning.” My birth, could have been seen as irresponsible. But, now at the cusp of 33 it’s clear that I was a cycle breaker, a healer, a teacher, a writer, a plethora of spiritual knowledge and training. Someone who came in to shake things up and do things differently. Recognize the patterns and rewrite those patterns. I was not the product of irresponsible planning. I was not a mistake. Not a burden. I was / am necessary. I am millions of years in the making. Children who choose to come to Earth, have their reasons and missions. They are in fact necessary. So please, before you judge others, understand intricately planning a life and shipping a Soul off to Earth can’t ever be an accident. It is a mutual Soul level agreement. Souls do not fall out of the heavens by accident. They come to help us heal. 💜💜💜 @soul_architect_jessenia @_jessenia_n

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