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Psychic Mom

Is it a mom thing? Or a psychic thing? You tell me.

Some fun mom psychic things...

I can see etheric chords on my kids of people who imprinted on them. I can explain what they look like visually, now they feel and when they imprinted.

I can feel when my kids have crushes on someone. Their energy literally radiates differently.

I can read their thoughts and emotions although I try not to because I feel like it inhibits their ability to communicate so sometimes I will instead let the information lead me into conversation with them about particular topics.

When they have crushes, I can see their crushes in their energy, like they carry a fragment of them with them.

Sometimes if one of their friends is going through something dark or negative I can actually pick up on that through my child. I can feel the pain and suffering and then direct it back to its origins.

I can send them dreams and visit them in their sleep. We all can but most people don’t actively try. This is a great tip for kids who are having nightmares. Tell them that you will always be there for them if they call on you.

They can send me images, ideas, memories.

I can feel them when they are hurt or in danger.

I can watch traumatic memories and events they experienced through the day.

I’m sure some or most of these are just mom things, but I wouldn’t know. I have nothing to compare it to!

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