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Updated: Sep 3, 2020


Gifts are woven into our soul structure at the soul's first spark. They are how our energy processes information from our environment. We then plan lives to evolve and activate those gifts. Most people incarnate on Earth about 1,000 times to complete Earths mission. We incarnate as animals and humans, every life being a fragment of our higher-self, or master soul. These lives are intricately planned and designed in the Akashic Realms Life Planning Center. A series of places where one can choose, plan, and see the life they need to accomplish whatever goals they have set in place. Most of these goals are to encourage expansion and growth. Sometimes the goals are to complete karmic debts. Sometimes the goals are relationship-centered. Sometimes the goals are gift centered.

Right now, on Earth, we’re experiencing the birth of a Spiritual Golden Age. With this “Age of Enlightenment,” we are coming across many profound spiritual shifts. These shifts are designed to destroy limiting and corrupt systems standing in the way of the advancement and evolution of spirit. Essentially, we finally remember who we are. Many people are being forced into awakening globally; some woke decades ago. Because of this, gifts have begun activating all over the globe. Not just one like we’re used to seeing, but a merger of many in one vessel. A timeline merger. The life in which we can access all the gifts we’ve practiced in past lives.

During the first 300 lives, we usually spend a couple of lifetimes mastering one small gift. For example, energy protection or energy transmutation. One fragment of the whole. Around 500 lives, we see the major mergers. Energetic protection becomes a psychic vision for seeing and removing hauntings. Energy transmutation becomes Empath Gifts. Empath gifts become Extrasensory gifts. Etc. The evolution of gifts is among us! An amazing and powerful time to be alive.

These are just a few of the gifts I find in my clients. Every single gift structure is unique. I usually find a multitude of “supporting fragments” to help make the gift function at full-force that includes protective measures, clearing, repair, and so forth. Gifts are found in your chakra structure filed away. Occasionally someone may be so overwhelmed by their gift, or accidentally and intentionally cause someone harm with their gift that the gift gets muted. That’s because it is dangerous for the user and those around them. The only gift that doesn’t comply with that structure is the witch. The witch uses the local energy of self and Earth and others to fund their magic. Therefore, the magic is supported essentially by karma. What they take, they pay back in another life.

Many times, people have more than one gift! I’ve met people with 3 gifts. But does that mean they are more powerful than someone with one gift? No! Why? Because someone who is driven to practice, grow, heal, follow direction from higher-self, is someone who will keep growing. Their gift will get more and more powerful. Someone can have three active gifts and live in toxic patterns like blame, disempowerment, self-sabotage, and never evolve their gifts.

We all have gifts—all of us. But what limits us from accessing those gifts? Healing and awareness. Sometimes it’s as easy as understanding you have a gift and then training it properly. Sometimes it is a little more complicated. Most of us have 100-300 lives here on Earth. That’s 300 opportunities for past-life traumas that block the chakras and thus block gifts from full expression. The more we heal, the more powerful our gifts get.

What are some common gifts I find in clients, and what do they specifically mean?

Empath : Empaths work on a programming scale. Each number represents a new program layer that strengthens our gifts until we have full extrasensory abilities when all of our senses are heightened at a spiritual level. This evolution process from Empath to Extrasensory gift structure can take a lifetime or lifetimes! It fully depends on your drive for healing, training, practice, trauma clearing, and gift work.

For specific Empath program layers information check out this article —>

Extrasensory : Extrasensory gifts are the activation of all the “clairs.” Properly evolving your gift means focusing on what you do have. Putting the energy into what CURRENTLY exists in the report will nurture the gift into evolution. The “clairs” are as follows:

• Clairvoyance means clear seeing, beyond the typical human spectrum. 

• Clairaudience means clear hearing, beyond the typical human spectrum. 

• Clairsentience means clear feeling, beyond the normal human spectrum. 

• Clairalience means clear smelling, beyond the normal human spectrum. 

• Clairgustance means clear tasting, beyond the normal human spectrum. 

• Claircognizance means clear knowing, beyond the normal human spectrum. 

Extrasensory gifts are located primarily in the root chakra. It’s the ability to digest energy with heightened senses, or senses beyond the human spectrum and scope. You see, hear, feel, know, smell, and taste more then what’s average for humans. It can be beautiful to feel the depths of the orchestra. But it can also be overwhelming to feel the trauma of a flooding. The more you use the gifts, the more they amplify, and the easier they are to control. Everything is energy. Even physical matter is an accumulation of energy. With this ability, we can read all energy. Every molecule has a secret/history/message/memory. They are sharing that information with us. The more you develop this gift, the further it will go. For example, I can use Extrasensory abilities to read anyone in the world now because of practice. But it starts first locally, like sensing someone’s energy before they walk into a room. Knowing too much about someone, feeling someone’s sadness, seeing someone’s memories, or past trauma. To practice, root, ground, and protect. Then hold and item feeling it’s energetic code history or story. You can do this with objects, people, places, or things. For example, I can sense the history of a house or a piece of land as well as the energy of a human.

When the extrasensory gift structure is fully engaged, blocks to specific gift branches are likely due to remaining trauma in past lives, or lack of training. If you are extrasensory, this means that although you are no longer considered and Empath having evolved through the Empath stages, the Empath links, videos, and information will help you remember what your soul already knows.

Witch : a witch is a gift usually located in the root and sacral chakras. It is the ability to connect to Earth in a profound way. They sense and feel the ebon flow of energy charged by planets. Planetary motions are very important to them. They can read the energy off plants, crystals, people. They many times have a passion for astrology and manifestation. Because of their intense connection to Earth and life, they can be very sensual and sexual beings. Their magic many times is directly connected to their body and how energy affects them directly. They don’t usually like being limited as the witch gift structure is one of the only structures that can be funded outside of source. This means that one's life force or sacrifice can fund a spell of manifestation. In consideration of a spell, one would choose items and elements that are appropriate for the spell. The items fund the magic and work the witch wishes to put forward.

Psychometry : Reading through touch. This is separate from Extrasensory but can be an addition to it. The ability to read energy of all items through energy conduction or touch. All items are made of an array of molecules. Those molecules energy centers with history, emotion, stories, messages, memories. This means that when you touch an item, person, place, or thing, you can pick up those messages and memories. Make sure to first ground, meditate and clear your energy.

Elemental Conductor : elementals are beings of the Elements. Earth. Water. Wind. Fire and spirit. We see them here on earth as orbs of color. Some people call them fairies or the fae. Elementals are helpful and supportive beings of Earth's energetic dimension that can move through the veils through portals. They “work for” people who understand and respect them. Fire for clearing toxins, burning out negativity, and what no longer supports us. Inspiration. Earth for rebuilding healing and structure. Wind for change. Messages afar. Peace. Water for healing and mending energy or memories and spirit orbs for connecting to spirit. Make sure that you give elementals a job, or they cause havoc. They will make things go missing and cause mischief. You would connect to them by creating a space in which they thrive, which means plants and crystals, running water, and energy flow inside the home and wherever you heal. They come through portals that you open and close. If you are not careful, you can actually open doors to dangerous dimensions. Make sure that you are protected, grounded, and rooted before opening up any doors and calling in the elementals. Make sure you call them by name. When you call in the elementals, you’re essentially opening the door to Earth's dimension. Make that clear. When you open the door, imagine is still in it while protecting that door and the elementals coming through and then close it when they are done, then give them a job. Elementals need to be respected. That means welcoming them into your space and thanking them for their work. Respect is appreciation for them.

Telepathy : Telepathy is the ability to interpret light language or language beyond the verbal and visual spectrum. It is the digestion of energy through the throat chakra. Most people do not develop their telepathy because they are unaware they have it. We evolve our telepathy over lifetimes of practice and energetic upgrades given to us by spirit.

Channeling : channeling is the ability to let spirit speak through you. Never, allow lower-level entities or energies to speak through you as it is an invitation for inhabitation. Never channel while drinking as drinking negatively affects the throat and weakens defenses, which means being taken over by a lower-level entity. When channeling, always ask your higher-self to be a bridge for you and the spirits who wish to communicate. Your higher-self will be the only one directing your word and hand. Automated writing is a form of channeling, as is a pendulum. Everyone can use automated writing and a pendulum to “hear” their higher-self. But channeling means connecting to other entities with the same process. Some people only channel a specific being/entity/soul/soul group. What you connect to depends on your gift structure. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND channeled messages still have to pass through you. You are a “filter” and can disrupt, manipulate, and change messages if you don’t want to hear it, don’t understand it, aren’t ready to listen to it, or merely wanting to hear something else. Many times people confuse their imagination and thoughts for channeled Messages.

Dreamwalker : Dream walker is one of the ways our gifts work without our interference. This gift is usually used mostly while sleeping and “unconscious.” The gifted can travel into other people’s dreams, memories, realms, and dimensions. They do this to learn, heal, and assist. Although we all astral travel in our sleep, we are not allowed into the subconscious of others without specific permission. Dreamwalkers know how to get in and must not take the gift for granted, as it will be closed out if abused. All gifts that require us to enter into the subconscious of another are delicate in nature as you cannot use the gift to cause another harm, or it will be muted. This is a Psychic Gift usually located in the crown chakra. This gift can be hard to control and develop because you are technically asleep and unaware. Taking over your dreams is how we open and activate the skill BUT lucid dreaming has a lot of negative side-effects. Like walking into dangerous dimensions where you may not be able to come back, or can bring back demonic entities who manipulate and feed off your energy. Dreamwalkers often have dream premonitions as they are used to seeing the future play out. Eventually, this gift can evolve to consciously astral travel, psychic vision of past, present, future, and remote viewing.

Psychic : psychic is a gift spectrum of vision found in the third eye chakra. What people can see depends on their evolution, healing, and fear. Fear is a significant block to the 3rd eye. Some “seer” gifts that are popular with my clients are as follows.

  • Psychic vision of hauntings- Psychic vision of hauntings, being stuck here on Earth that refuses to cross over. You would have to council these beings for them to willingly cross back over to their home dimension like soul therapy. This is where other gifts come in handy. How will you communicate with them? This gift is separate from seeing demonic entities. Hauntings look like shadows moving out the peripheral vision at first. Anyone can see a full apparition with the naked eye regardless of their gifts. A full-bodied apparition is an entity that has collected so much energy; it becomes visible to the human visual spectrum. That is rare. First, you see shadows, then bodies, then full detailed beings with practice—those who see Haunting’s act as a beacon to hauntings. Your aura shows them where to go for help crossing over. It looks like an orange beam of light from your crown they can see and are drawn to like moths to alight. Hauntings (whether or not they’re kind or destructive) remain stuck here by siphoning energy from the people around them. A properly incarnated soul siphons energy from its physical body (food and healthy habits) and source (crown and healing connection to its soul group). A haunting is one that has been disconnected from its physical through the death of the body and soul group because (by choice) refusing to go home. They refuse to go home because they have unfinished business, guilt, remorse, shame, fear, or confusion. We can only help them work through that by Counseling them. We cannot force hauntings to cross over; they have to cross over willingly. Your specific gift structure will decide how you communicate. Some people are more visual, some more about feeling, and some more auditory. Be true to your gifts. Never let an entity take over your vessel for communication. Always ask your higher-self to be the bridge between you and any entity. An invitation to “speak through you” is an invitation for possession.

  • Psychic vision of past, present, and future.

  • Psychic vision of the auric field. Psychic vision of the energetic body/auric field and auras. This allows you to see blocks, tears, traumas memories of others. They may come through as colored spots and energy at first. Flashes of light or shadow. That is the beginning of this gift. This also allows you to see someone’s auric field. The stronger colors are associated with the chakras connected to them. Weaker colors show blockage drainage or weak chakras. As the gifts strengthen, you will be able to see their memories, emotions, and pains. The stronger this gift gets, the more psychic it becomes being able to see through someone’s body eyes and energy or what some call “remote viewing.”

Medium : a medium is someone who can call in souls that have crossed over. They can open a portal above their crown in the 8th chakra, a place of transcendence. Like a telephone chord, they can open the door and call in a soul for connection. This soul will come through and deliver a message to their loved ones. Souls in this state are not stuck here on Earth. They have crossed over the back into their home dimension and have begun life review (a time where they can scan over their life to find healing in the experience). Life review can sometimes carry regret, pain, and a need for forgiveness. So a medium is not only a telephone but a literal mediator between the living and deceased, helping them find peace and forgiveness with their story. This gift is one of the last gifts to activate. The reason is that it can create tremendous issues. In order to pull in a deceased and crossed-over soul, one must open a gateway. That cosmic gateway can be an invitation for demonic entities if one is not careful. Because of this, the mediumship gift is highly guarded by the Grand Council, or overseers of Earth's inhabitants.

Oracle : This gift is located in the crown chakra. It is a gift of seeing past, present, and future but with an omniscient point of view in a 5th-dimensional cloud. Because of this, it can be very hard for oracles to tell time, sometimes losing track of time here or Earth. It can take a lot of training and focus for an oracle to see the difference between the past and the future in their visions. Most oracles are so insecure about this that they never share their premonitions or visions. They seem to “exist” in their memories and visions, “reliving” them before they can deliver them. Psychics see, oracles relive.

Shaman : a shaman is a master gift, much like medium, fully activated psychic, Extrasensory, or oracle. A shaman is an interdimensional traveler who accesses energy from the Earth and Spirit to assist others in refragmenting their souls to their original glory. Inter-dimensional traveling also allows the shaman to access spirit guides, totem, and spirit animals and with practice past lives. They connect to Earth as an entity or god of its own. They speak to the Earth and animals for healing, sometimes channeling the healing codes in plants and animals. They can see the past, present, future, and energetic bodies of people and animals. Even objects have an energy code shaman can access.

But not all shamans function the same, as with all the other gifts listed here. For example, some people can carry a title but not have the actual gift structure to support that title because they took a class/course or training not made for their specific gift structure. Some have the gift structure but never activated it with awareness and healing. Some have not made healing and gift evolution a priority, so they remain limited in their gift expression.

What gifts do you specifically have? That depends. As I mentioned above, gifts are very unique. I’m addition to these master gifts; we also have supporting gifts. Our gifts depend on our souls birth, the planets, and in the vicinity the time our soul was first sparked into creation, and our soul group. Other significant factors are your ability to heal. I have had incredibly powerful and gifted people come to me and try to jump straight to a gift report only to find nothing. The reason? We can not access our gifts if we are traumatized, leaking energy, carrying self-limiting beliefs, and chakra blocks. Some of the most powerful souls have had the most lives. More lives mean more opportunities for wounds. Because of this, the most gifted people walk this Earth wholly disconnected from their own divinity. If you want to start the journey of self-discovery, I recommend the Akashic reports listed on the booking page. Each report will bring you closer to your soul's full expression, which prepares you for Report 3, gifts, and gift activations.

For more information on my gift activation process, please watch this video:

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