Updated: Sep 4, 2020


Gifts are woven into our soul structure at the soul's first spark. They are how our energy processes information from our environment. We then plan lives to evolve and activate those gifts. Most people incarnate on Earth about 1,000 times to complete Earths mission. We incarnate as animals and humans, every life being a fragment of our higher-self, or master soul. These lives are intricately planned and designed in the Akashic Realms Life Planning Center. A series of places where one can choose, plan, and see the life they need to accomplish whatever goals they have set in place. Most of these goals are to encourage expansion and growth. Sometimes the goals are to complete karmic debts. Sometimes the goals are relationship-centered. Sometimes the goals are gift centered.

Right now, on Earth, we’re experiencing the birth of a Spiritual Golden Age. With this “Age of Enlightenment,” we are coming across many profound spiritual shifts. These shifts are designed to destroy limiting and corrupt systems standing in the way of the advancement and evolution of spirit. Essentially, we finally remember who we are. Many people are being forced into awakening globally; some woke decades ago. Because of this, gifts have begun activating all over the globe. Not just one like we’re used to seeing, but a merger of many in one vessel. A timeline merger. The life in which we can access all the gifts we’ve practiced in past lives.

During the first 300 lives, we usually spend a couple of lifetimes mastering one small gift. For example, energy protection or energy transmutation. One fragment of the whole. Around 500 lives, we see the major mergers. Energetic protection becomes a psychic vision for seeing and removing hauntings. Energy transmutation becomes Empath Gifts. Empath gifts become Extrasensory gifts. Etc. The evolution of gifts is among us! An amazing and powerful time to be alive.

These are just a few of the gifts I find in my clients. Every single gift structure is unique. I usually find a multitude of “supporting fragments” to help make the gift function at full-force that includes protective measures, clearing, repair, and so forth. Gifts are found in your chakra structure filed away. Occasionally someone may be so overwhelmed by their gift, or accidentally and intentionally cause someone harm with their gift that the gift gets muted. That’s because it is dangerous for the user and those around them. The only gift that doesn’t comply with that structure is the witch. The witch uses the local energy of self and Earth and others to fund their magic. Therefore, the magic is supported essentially by karma. What they take, they pay back in another life.

Many times, people have more than one gift! I’ve met people with 3 gifts. But does that mean they are more powerful than someone with one gift? No! Why? Because someone who is driven to practice, grow, heal, follow direction from higher-self, is someone who will keep growing. Their gift will get more and more powerful. Someone can have three active gifts and live in toxic patterns like blame, disempowerment, self-sabotage, and never evolve their gifts.

We all have gifts—all of us. But what limits us from accessing those gifts? Healing and awareness. Sometimes it’s as easy as understanding you have a gift and then training it properly. Sometimes it is a little more complicated. Most of us have 100-300 lives here on Earth. That’s 300 opportunities for past-life traumas that block the chakras and thus block gifts from full expression. The more we heal, the more powerful our gifts get.

What are some common gifts I find in clients, and what do they specifically mean?

Empath : Empaths work on a programming scale. Each number represents a new program layer that strengthens our gifts until we have full extrasensory abilities when all of our senses are heightened at a spiritual level. This evolution process from Empath to Extrasensory gift structure can take a lifetime or lifetimes! It fully depends on your drive for healing, training, practice, trauma clearing, and gift work.