A Real Example of a Gift Report.

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Akashic Report 3

Here is an example of a REAL gift report. This is why I say it’s not a quick 10 min session. This is just the client information. Not the assisting links information definitions and gift advice.

In a case like this, if this client didn’t heal and do the work before the gift report only 5% of this report would have come through. The reason is, if you have several trauma and wounds, your spirit teams focus will always be healing. We are no help to anyone if we are projecting our trauma through our gifts. We must heal first.

The spelling isn’t perfect because it’s channeled live while I’m receiving and seeing message from spirit.

“Root chakra- Gifts. Potential for current life development. Potential for future life development. The root in your gift structure is about anchoring yourself and creating stability in your surroundings. It’s kind of like your point of peace - your point of center. Your pinnacle of observation. This means that if you are not properly grounded or if you are unstable in anyway your whole session will be thrown off. Everything seems to spiral around you when you’re reading or looking into another soul structure. This can be nauseating (because of the spinning) just call out for information, facts and visuals. Imagine the information slowing down. Coming to a halt. Imagine swiping through that information with the swipe of your hand. Remind yourself that you are in control of what comes through. This essentially is what is connecting you to the information you will be digesting via your third eye. What you are doing is entering someone’s energetic body and going through their memories and energy. Through this process you will receive visions and information. It can become a full sensory experience for you. You are literally living in their past, living in their memories, seeing through their eyes feeling their emotions.

This is a very unique way of gathering information. It’s not something I’ve seen before in someone else. You use this as a tool for healing. When you see these memories you relive them for the person. That person for the first time in their whole life then has someone who understands what they went through as they went through it. Not someone making observations or assumptions, someone feeling, seeing, knowing their pain FIRST HAND. That brings a special kind of awareness and “feeling seen” that can heal tremendous wounds. When you are done recalling that memory, bring the memory love, light, peace. Imagine the energy of the memory transmuting are transforming itself into something productive worthwhile and healing. That would be how you use your sacral or chakra in this gift structure.

Sacral chakra- Gifts. Potential for current life development. Potential for future life development. Transmuting negative memories into positive ones. Once you are done digesting the memory, imagine yourself touching it and filling the memory with love compassion and understanding. Imagine the memory transforming completely into something beautiful. A butterfly is great symbolism because it symbolizes transformation being complete. A memory now healed and complete.

Solar plexus- Gifts. Potential for current life development. Potential for future life development. This actually freezes incredibly traumatic memories while you work on them. If you see a really violent memory like rape or abuse you might imagine it in a golden case. Eventually your energy will train itself (with enough practice) to encase these memories for you. But you must intentionally build the muscle first. You can still see through it and access the memory, but it is now encased. This means that while you bring up the memory for client healing and retrieval, the client is somewhat protected by the aggression of that memory. Grief means healing as it means release, but if you bring up some of these more traumatic memories with no protection or buffer it can be very overwhelming for survivors of trauma. T