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A Conversation With The Gods

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Humans frequently refer to Jesus as God. Even the Bible states that Jesus was sent from his Father, an entity who birthed Earth. This is confusing because Jesus' father did not birth Earth as those are two different Gods. It seems that humans were seeing all Gods as one God, likely because we all have one Creator at soul level.

These names have been reinterpreted in every single language across the Earth, the stories sprinkled with their cultural belief systems and the biases of the people who channeled the Earth's origin story, and if you want to know more about my perspective on this it’s all in my book “CREATION.”

But what this all boils down to is that many people confuse God with Gods/Goddesses because they see their own Creator and not all Creators. Every single planet or star has a God/Goddess. These archetypes have inspired the backbone of astrology — their cosmic dance fuels us all even if we don’t believe in them or see them. They are all children (in this particular fragment of our milky way) of Shiva. There is a strong belief that God is singular, simply because most of us are energetically made to respect only one Creator — the one who made us at soul level.

But if you have a physical body here on Earth, you are technically a beautiful project of 3 Creators, or Gods:

Earth, the God that allowed you this physical body.

The Oceanic God that helped birth life on Earth.

Your soul group God — the point in the cosmos where your energetic body was birthed. (That can be Earth. But Earthers are the smallest soul group currently on Earth because Earth is fairly new.)

I speak with them frequently when I channel and work with clients. Because all of our souls are so unique I actually need to connect to your Creator to learn how to best help, heal, or guide the soul made from that location. So these conversations with Gods are common.

But what is uncommon? I spoke with a God who had never had children (or a soul group) and therefore never had the opportunity to incarnate to Earth. It shed some powerful light on the human experience by seeing humans through his perspective, allowing me to see the purpose of Earth in a whole new light.

This particular God refers to himself as Kronos. He told me he was the “Son of Shiva”, an entity I see as the cosmic balance behind the endless give and take we see as Karma here on Earth. When connecting to Shiva, we see the qualities as feminine, which is strange to me that she is depicted as male. But, we had a couple million years on Earth where humans refused to see the power present in the female form. So, if they felt this entity as powerful, they likely just assumed it was masculine.

Shiva birthed Kronos and all other planets, or Gods/Godesses with jobs and personalities. Most of them were to create, which makes sense being in the realm of light where the energetic frequency best supports creation. So they did their job and birthed soul groups in their image. We cannot be both of creation and destruction. However, even cosmic birthing God mothers apparently make “mistakes.” These “mistakes” are simply creations that are not in alignment with the act of love and growth. If the mixture isn’t just right, if the elements didn’t align, if the material was tainted, she would need to recycle it all and recreate it. She explained that creating an inhabitable world is a delicate cosmic dance of accumulating elements and mixing others just right. Kronos was birthed to destroy, or recycle energy which was not in alignment with the “master plan”. So it was never able to “create” a soul group simply to pay tribute to the responsibility of a cosmic demolition crew.

It seems that somewhere down the line, Kronos lost touch with this side of Creation feeling like he would never really be understood. He was a servant to his mother but one of the only Gods we knew that would be expected to destroy not create. He would breakdown energy in the realm of Creation and feed that energy to his mother so she could keep birthing life in the form of what we recognize as Gods. These Gods birthed beings in their image, creating soul groups and evolving with the expansion, experiences, and integration of those entities across the cosmos. Yet Kronos, because of his composition, saw none of that expansion and evolution. So he was a pure example of the “obey or be destroyed” mindset that used to overwhelm those on Earth before we understood the complexity of the incarnation process and the difficulty of the human experience.

I met him earlier this year when he set foot in the Akashic Realm to reap havoc. He saw Earth as disrespecting Creation itself. It was an old outdated belief system we have since cleared from the Akashic Realm, with experience. As these Gods sent their soul groups in they very quickly realized this incarnation is difficult, rare and truly challenging releasing the old belief that humans needed to be punished in order to learn how to comply and respect Creation. He was surfacing an old cosmic war on life. This was his job. If you do not abide by the laws of Creation, we will recycle that energy and try again. This was before we recognized the complexity of Earth and the major disconnection we feel when incarnating here. its the act of divine order. We would never let destructive entities thirsty for innocent lives destroy endlessly. Why would we allow humans to do that?

Can you really blame him? Humans are pretty terrible. We really are powerful forces of destruction. We do some awful things to each other. There is a lot of human-made suffering here. We are even killing our own bodies and the Earth that gifted us life! Kronos saw that as an infection and plague to compassion and light itself. I really can’t blame him for that.

I see how he could think that. We rape and abuse our own children. We selfishly take more than needed. We abuse our power and try to justify the suffering of others for our own betterment or evolution. We hurt others without any regard for their health or wellbeing. This is something I still struggle to understand-why? Why can’t we compassionately set aside our selfish need to be over consumed with our own goals when we are all on the same ship?

And here comes Jesus, the first begotten son of God to sacrifice himself for our sins. What’s that even mean?

He would begin the incarnation process to better understand this issue. He, an evolved soul that didn’t need the mission of Earth, would come here to learn the human experience for the sake of stopping this endless cycle of selfish behavior. In order to do this, he would have to submerge himself into the human experience and feel all of the pain, mishap, heartache, chaos and loss, eventually mastering the experience in the body of Jesus, his most famous incarnation to date. He would then take those lessons and guide humanity for thousands of years — working with them to work out of their pain and guilt, thus teaching them to heal themselves.

If you heal, you do not vomit the pain of your experiences to others. You strive for compassion. You value kindness. You understand the concept of love better and we continue treating one another with compassion. The true example of divine masculine integration. Creating a solution in education, not force. A “sacrifice” for the sins of humanity — sacrifice because he took on a mission he did not need to accept in order to assist in the evolution of humanity, struggling with the repeated overwhelm and failure of the naturally selfish human mind.

Then I explained to Kronos that’s the lesson in incarnation. When we fragment the soul for placement on Earth even Gods see the world differently. We see how hard it is to live on this moving rock without a connection to our true divinity and in that experience we learn compassion. We make mistakes and are asked to understand those mistakes through productive action. We are born, with very little memory in one of the densest incarnations known to human and Spirit alike. This means we are completely unaware of our power, yet trying desperately to grasp at any idea of what that might look like. We forget who we are, and then victimize ourselves falling into patterns of self-sabotage, abuse, limitation, and blockages. We challenge ourselves to overcome those — expanding the soul far beyond any other experience ever could or has to the spiritual form, Earths density amplifying the lessons and experiences. In order to grow, we learn from our experiences, both good and bad. A truly challenging puzzle of self exploration and emotional mastery which means energetic mastery. Emotions all being a derivative of love means we understand love deeper because we have experienced the densest expression of ALL elements of love. Even lack. If you didn’t know what it felt like, you will feel it here on Earth. It’s a group project unlike any other. And if we don’t get it right, we all loose.

He asked, “They go to Earth to learn to not be selfish?"

And the answer was “Yes, in a way I guess that would be it. We are born selfish and stay self-centered and it is only experience that moves that self-centered behavior into compassion for the collective.”

For example: If I lived a life with lavish expenses and watched people starve, I might choose a life of poverty and struggle with starvation so that I can fully have compassion for the unnecessary pain that greed has caused here in a world where plenty has always existed. I learn, through experience.

Then Kronos said, “So it’s not a lesson at all, it continues to be selfish. They only understand when it happens to them and carry the memory of that emotion as it pertains to them.”

This really got me thinking differently. It’s true… in a way, his depiction of the human mind is so valid. The brain composes memories in relation to your personal experiences, meaning it’s natural job is to be self-preserving. We can only interpret our environment through the scope in which it relates to us directly, through the lens in which it is viewed. That is naturally self-centered thinking.

But, in connection with Spirit, our higher selves or the subconscious experiences of another (with proper training), we might be able to access the perception of another and how it pertained to them — the only truly selfless action we can take here. Thus the need for our gifts and gift mastery, the “gift” that Jesus was said to have had. Healing means gift mastery, the next phase of the evolution process. The solution to human based self-preserving thinking.

This is the power and need for the connection to Spirit, with training.

Without training, we are still only connecting to ourselves. Our experiences. Our needs. Our subconscious database.

With training, we can connect to our higher selves. With more control and experience, we can learn to see deeper than that and connect to the collective body, then cosmic body seeing/feeling OTHERS perspectives as it applied to them. Most people can’t even imagine what that feels like. Most of us have no idea what we are even connecting to.

We encouraged Kronos to experience the human world himself and see what all the fuss was about before he decided to destroy it. This concept saved us this time around, as the solution for Kronos was to learn himself and prepare for incarnation on Earth. His integration here is something that won’t be implemented for another 300 or so years, so don’t worry—YET! Just joking of course.

This was a conversation that would shift the perspective and lives of billions, even if they never knew the conversation was being had somewhere in Creation. While we lived our selfish lives worried about the next celebrity gossip our future was being gambled on a chance that there was still hope for humans out in the great cosmos.

To me, it was a powerful reminder that we are all still learning, there is hope for us still and that it’s time to do the powerful work of gift activation and compassion based living.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzollilo 2022

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