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2023, the Architect & the Muse

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

So many life altering shifts are among us. We are now in the action phase of “New Earth” which means you will be called into position to do your work, soon enough.

But right now, you should be feeling a series of deep realizations and you are downloading the “tools” to finally manage and combat the deep energetic traumas that keep you stuck. This is an energetic reprogramming. Like surgery. You will feel tired, sore, confused, lethargic and dizzy. Drink plenty of water and rest. As always, make sure to see a doctor/professional if you are really unwell.

Please take a moment to meditate today, 12/12, tap into the collective conscious through higher-self and ask for whatever guidance/codes that you need to overcome any blocks you are still carrying.

There are a bunch of downloads coming through for the new year. It should come with some new awareness about old patterns.

Sometimes the awareness takes days/weeks to settle and make sense. Sometimes it feels instant. It depends on the way your soul processes energy and how familiar they are with the download themes. You will be taking these newfound healing tools into this Mercury retrograde cycle to finally clear these aggressive patterns that have surfaced and repeated through your lifetime!

Then, we are freed up to take action for the tremendous shifts coming in the new year.

2023 will be all about doing the work to physically release anything stopping your physical ascension into your soul’s purpose. For the most part, we have been primarily focused on energetic evolution in conscious thinking — the psychological work. Now we have the physical work — building modalities, connection, travel, physical integration of the lessons. This is about stepping out of fear and into action. Take the trip, meet the people, have the fireside chats, build the business and collaborate. This doesn't mean that we are done healing, but that we are ready to continue healing through physical experience while implementing the skills we have learned over our lifetimes.

This will affect the physical landscape of Earth. Government structures will greatly change. The foundation of the school systems will begin to shift. Finances and family dynamics have already started shifting but will continue changing greatly through the year. Our views on medicine reconstructed and revamped. The elements we need to complete a healthy human experiences are all going through a major upheaval and evaluation . This will transfer to a pivotal turning point in the 2028 USA election and through most of Earth’s cosmic future. It’s not a one year process, but it starts with buildings, restructuring our homes/lives, taking action, and birthing new healing modalities.

The Architect in you is ready to create, fuled by the wildest experiences of their 100’s of lives here. This is the beginning of the grand masterpiece we have been working so hard for. Your muse is your growth. Let your experience lead. Time to be the person you were always meant to be.

Art by Leonardo Da Vinci

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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