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My second book, ’Creation,’ is getting ready to be printed and shipped off. To make things even more exciting, I have 40+ new informational videos and trainings on your favorite topics going live over the summer!

This book is a collection of ALL things I have encountered in my work. Nothing is left untouched; we divulge in all fragments of creation from the cosmic dust that makes up our soul, to the past life memories we carry in our every day lives. It will allow you to see what I see every day through my Akashic Realm connections; including an intricate understanding of energy and the evolution of that energy through the human body. No topic goes untouched. We talk about ancient souls, soul groups, souls birth, evolution, life themes, life planning, demonic entities, energetic protection, gifts and so much more!

I have decided to make things fun and create a special limited pre-order package. This package is ONLY available for US clients. If you want to make intercontinental shipping arrangements please send me an email.

What you will get:

• Access to all 40+ Informational videos and training's, a $400+ USD value.

• An early-bird, signed copy of my book ”Creation” to be mailed to you hot off the press.

The LIMITED package is $199.99 USD and available now!

*Books and items will be delivered ASAP. Due to Covid we have no actual release date at the moment but we are anticipating it will be before the end of the year. Updates will be posted as they arise.

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