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Your personal guide to spiritual healing

Discover your soul characteristics with your very own personal guide. With me by your side, we can visit and heal this life and others through:

Akashic Record Reports

Past Life Journeying

Psychic Medium Connections

Spiritual Development

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Why Me:

​I am an Akashic Realm guide. Because of this gift, I can access my client’s soul database from any distance. This allows me to read and maintain worldwide connections.


My Process:

After a client has booked their session, they receive and emailed questionnaire the Sunday before. With this information, I generate a soul report. The report is channeled and delivered within 24 hours of your appointment time. The client then has 24 hours to ask any questions on the information provided. Mediumship readings are an exception to this process. They are usually done “live” with real time communication (email, text, FBmessenger).


For in person sessions, please click on the ‘Sudbury MA’ option under ‘Appointments’. If a date isn’t currently available, feel free to send me an email and I will open one up.


The Akashic Report Sessions 1-4 are an incredibly unique healing system - because I created them. Please take the time to listen to the booking video on the appointment page for clarity. When used properly, they are a powerful tool to healing, connection and answers. Most of my clients start there.


I truly look forward to working with you!


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