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Inner Circle


Is this right for me?

The powerful spiritual community you've been seeking. Heal with us, elevate with us, adventure with us! Together, we will change the fabric of our world.

 The journey into yourself is the "guidebook" to life we have all been seeking. Being spiritually in-tune is the gift we all have deeply embedded in our first spark or souls birth. Let's learn to release all obstructions to that direct channel to Source together! The goal of this life is to fully integrate the human and Soul, no longer forsaking one reality for the other. 

Everything is amplified on your healing journey. Businesses, relationships, wealth, communication, connections, purpose all elevate as we clear the road to the most abundant future.

This is for clients who are serious about their healing journey and ready to dive DEEP into the subconscious layers of your existence and purpose here.


Have you struggled with your connection to Spirit?


Do you feel lost and confused with patterns or blocks in your life?


Are you in a high-impact business taking on a lot of responsibility and need advice on how to manage daily life, stressors or challenges?

Do you wish to have deeper, more meaningful connections with your loved ones?

Are you curious about using intuition to amplify sales, business and life?

Are you ready for evidential and actionable guidance from spirit sent with the intention of supporting your souls purpose here on Earth and therefore collective evolution?

Are you seeking and aware that there is and has always been something greater guiding you whether you call that energy God, Spirit, Jesus, Creator, or Source?


Are you looking for answers you can't seem to find anywhere else?


Are you ready to master your intuition and gifts?


Are you excited to meet like-minded and powerful spiritual people with a similar vision to leave a profound impact on the world?


If you answered yes to all of these, then this option is perfect for you!


What is included?


This is a fully tailored service. After booking, you will get an email from the team to set up a complimentary consultation with Jessenia via Zoom where she will channel a custom spiritual action plan to help clear any blocks, patterns, or issues that are presenting themselves in your life. 

You will get:

One-on-one access to Jessenia over Zoom for a full year

16 full hour sessions a year to support your growth and connection to Spirit 


4 of those sessions can be used as emergency sessions 


Because Jessenia surfaces deeply personal messages and works with high profile public figures, an NDA will be provided for client protection and confidentiality


Clients with this service will also be allowed to ask one “yes or no” question via email or TEXT without booking a session to gain clarity on a life decision outside of scheduled sessions, business hours apply


Access to all Videos, Digital Classes and Webinars released during your membership


Clients will also have access to the bi-weekly exclusive community, Group Coaching Zoom's.


This is the only option where sessions can be rescheduled with a 72 hour notice.

Some example subjects we may discuss during these live sessions include anything from:

Past Life Journeying

Akashic Records

Trauma Patterns

Shadow Work

Limiting Beliefs

Life Patterns


Psychic Life Coaching

Mediumship Connections & Guidance from the Deceased

Gift Exposure & Training 

Soul Level Job & Purpose

Connection to Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels

General Life Guidance & Spiritual Guidance

Learn more about Akashic Reports HERE


Inner Circle Member Gifts

Circle members will receive a set of Protection and Opening oil, a set of Chakra Healing Essential Oils and carrying case. The essential oils are a channeled recipe charged with intention, crystals and herbs. 

A signed copy of my book, CREATION.

A "Divinely You" oil specific to the client and their blocks.


Member Exclusives

In addition to all of the amazing things above, members will receive an Aether Alchemy credit or 7k! This means 7k to use toward any of our actively booking global healing retreats!

Healing and spiritual growth is one of the only investments we make in this lifetime that will follow us past the grave. The work we do here has cosmic repercussions. There has never been a more powerful time to be alive.

Want to sign up but have questions?

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