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Akashic Report 2: This session can be done as many times as the client chooses. If you are someone who has a lot of repeated patterns, illnesses, phobias, fears, or trauma, you will want to plan on doing this session a couple of times. This session can also be replaced with Past Life Journeying, a 2-hour version of this session. Here we focus on lives that established behavioral blocks that you have brought into this life. It is a full hour session. We address as many lives as possible in that timeframe. Usually, 1-3 past lives per hour. 

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Akashic Report 2a: This session is for relationships. Relationships can be twin-flame, soulmate, family, enemy, friend, etc.! The opportunities are limitless. In this session, we will address the nature of your relationship at Soul level, relationship themes, and 2-3 lives that affect the relationship negatively. 

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Akashic Report 3: Gifts! After the healing has taken place, you will feel and see your gifts naturally amplify. Soul Reintegration™️ means we have found and healed aspects of ourselves lost in lives, space, and time. Bringing them back home naturally amplifies our energy and gifts! That also means the more you heal, the stronger your gifts get. Here we learn about your gifts. 

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Akashic Report 3a: Meet your Spirit guides. In this session, we have the opportunity to meet up to 7 Spirit guides. Most people now have 7 guides and they work through us. They are celestial beings that support our mission here on Earth. In this session, we discover their names, looks, jobs, communication style, possible past life connections, gifts if any are currently being used in their contract with you.

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Akashic Report 4: Gift renewal. Many clients continue healing and gift use. With proper gift use, gifts should evolve! If you feel like your gift structure is evolving and you would like to know what’s now available, this session is perfect for you. 


Akashic Report 5: This session is for implementing the structure of your gifts. We use the report retrieved in session 3 or 4 to discover a process tailored specifically to you and then practice on real clients under the supervision and direction of a skilled reader, Jessenia. 


Akashic Report 6: This session is for discovering our Soul level job! This means what your Soul is responsible for in the astrals. Our Soul is 5th dimensional. When we choose to incarnate on Earth, we fragment the Soul into many pieces and plan lives for those pieces with goals and missions to elevate Earth's vibration and our own. This means lives can overlap, coexist and even function out of our human perception of time. During this, much of your Soul manages the incarnations while maintaining their responsibilities in the astrals. We all have a purpose. Motion is energy in action. Without motion we cease to connect, create, react and therefore exist! So yes, our Souls have jobs. 

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Akashic Report 1: In this session, you will be introduced to your Soul's origins. We will discover your Soul group, Soul structure, and any past lives that directly affected the Soul structure. We can address anywhere from 1-4 lives in this report. 

Akashic Reports

This is a process of pulling up past lives by popular themes. Jessenia has the ability to see Soul records. Akashic Records are all-encompassing. They include everything that ever was and is. It’s an overwhelming amount of information; because of that, Jessenia has created a healing modality she refers to as Soul Reintegration™️. This process goes over helpful information on your specific Soul structure. She uses a step-by-step system of themed reports to address as many fragments of your Soul structure requiring healing as possible. Working through this system allows us to rediscover our Soul and become more aligned, connected and amplified in this physical experience. Soul Reintegration™️ finds all the aspects of ourselves we’ve lost to trauma in this life and others. She will find, heal, repair, and reprogram your energetic structure layer by layer. By the end of the Akashic Reports, you will know where your Soul was born, who you are at Soul level, the themes in your past lives, your personal gifts, and your Spirit team! For more information on what each report provides, read below. 

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