Please watch this video before booking as it explains my process, what I recommend and what to expect. Check below the video to review frequently asked questions.


I’ve accumulated a list of common inquiries about my process and what people should expect.

• "How about if the time zone doesn't convert well for me?"

I work with people all over the world. Because of this, I have developed a report system that allows me to access your soul records at a distance with your birth information, like a birth chart. I gather this information into a very detailed report with healing tools and homework. You will get that report 24 hours around your booking window*. You then have 24 hours to ask and questions on the information provided in the session. Each session shows you what to expect.

• ”Do you offer a counseling session so I can see what is best for me, and what will answer my questions?”

You don’t need to waste money on a counseling session. The Akashic Reports are designed to answer any questions you have about the soul from...

-Souls Origins

-Soul Archetypes

-Soul vibration (or evolution)

-Souls missions and themes

-Soul job (if it comes up)

-Any obstructing traumatizing past lives

-Specific past lives with specific people

-Relationship / Twin Flame / Soulmate Report

-Gifts, gift activations and future gift potential (as gifts to evolve) and how to use them

-Meet your spirit guides and learn their jobs

-Gift training.

The greatest part is they are in a nice neat order. Akashic Report 1-4.

And if you want MORE, I offer a spiritual development class that INCLUDES Akashic Report 1, 2, and 3 with a $200 past life journeying credit!


• ”How do I heal?”

Well, the reports ALL include homework for continued healing, but also healing before during and after the report has been completed. When people book, usually, my spirit team is already showing up in their dreams and their energy starting the process. Because each of my reports has SO MUCH information and healing, it has to be done over time gradually so it’s necessary to start the healing process right away.


• ”How can you read souls online?”

I read soul records. They are stored in the Akashic realm. I travel to the Akashic realm and collect the information needed about the soul. At the same time, my spirit team heals, and I deliver all the information via email so you can read it a million times if needed! Souls are 5th dimensional, which means they are not tied to any particular location or place. That is what allows me to have clients all over the world. I accomplish just as much online as in person and have only as effective results.

• “Why can’t I just jump to Report 3, the gift Report.”

You can! The issue is that healing will always be a priority, and if you have deep soul traumas and wounds, gifts will stay muted and kept from both of us during the session unless the healing has taken place. So to me, that isn’t as useful as we may only get 1/3 of gifts because the rest stay unavailable until healing has taken place. Spirit may even deny gift acsess without healing first. That’s why it’s Report 3. It gives us the best results.

• “What if I don't need healing?”

Most of us require 1-1,000 lives to master Earth. The LEAST amount of experiences I’ve ever seen a client have was 100, and they still had many traumas from those lives. Even if it is your first life here, we do have soul level traumas, experiences, and incarnations on other dimensions that sometimes come through for work and repair. If for some crazy reason, I started the report and there was nothing there, I would simply skip to the next stage and so forth. That’s never happened.

• ”What if I can’t afford it?”

On the booking options, I have a raffle option. The raffle options are not guaranteed, but I choose as many as possible, depending on my availability and energy. My spirit team is fully responsible for the people that are selected through that process. Each raffle entry is $5usd. The class raffle is $25. I also offer giveaways on the page and group for those who still cannot afford the raffles. 

These reports are one of the few things you can buy in this life that follows you even after the grave. It’s a soul level awareness, and the evolutionary process is made to advance the soul in this life and all lives that follow. The Akashic report system is also designed to make you fully self-sufficient after the report system. In rare cases, people need an extra report or two because of severe trauma. Some choose more reports for fun, training, and more evolution. But in general, the reports are designed to help you hear and trust your own intuitive voice and use your own gifts so that you don’t have to keep coming back. That is always the goal: empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Sessions and packages are all self-booking. You simply choose a time and day that works for you. Keep in mind, Jessenia recommends sessions be booked about a week apart or more. Please also note that are not recommended for those who are pregnant. past life work is very energetically involved. a mother and child share the same energetic body and it can be overwhelming for the child. Jessenia will not do sessions on pregnant women for this reason. 

Spiritual Development Class includes Akashic Reports 1, 2 and 3. It's a great option for those who are devoted to understanding the way spirit functions not only in the astrals but here in the physical. where are we from? why are we hear? how are we suppose to integrate that into our daily life? 

If you have read over the frequently asked questions, watched the video and still feel confused, please don't hesitate to reach out! Click on the button above to e-mail Jessenia's virtual assistant directly.

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