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Women with Sparklers

Divine Feminine Rising

The Divine Feminine is rising on Earth... 
but it leaves us with a lot of symptoms blocks and questions... It's time to learn more!

Moon Stages

At the end of August I was a part of a beautiful ceremony in Spirit where we were celebrating the transition of the "Age of Aquarius" from preparation to active gateway. What does this mean?




The doors were opened and the downloads began flooding through in overwhelming amounts. People globally are being asked to step into their full potential and lead in whatever way they designed their life to do so. Some who don't like change are upset over the transition. Some are thriving!

One of those massive transitions has been the official rise and integration of the Divine Feminine here on Earth! As beautiful as it sounded in the planning process, it has some major power and therefore powerful side affects. Since the gateway opened, I have been learning amazing things about myself, my gifts and have been supporting the rise of the Divine Feminine in my clients and TRULY need to do more of this work in person. 

This birthed the IN-PERSON workshops I am so excited to share with you this November the 11th- the 13th in Virginia Beach!

It's time to build our community, know our power and step with intention. It’s time to release ourselves from the limitations of our pain and to amplify our gifts! I hope you join me for this in-person weekend workshop for some amazing transformational experiences and growth.

Three Women


Day 1 - Introductions and self-discovery 3pm-7pm 


Ice breakers & Introductions


Tapping into and releasing toxic feminine programming self-evaluation workbook


Support workshop  


Day 2 -Transformation 9am-7pm


Self-love Workshop


Inner child healing 


Mirror work 


Break for lunch


Spiritual Shop/Outing




Altar and craft 


Break for dinner 


Release and celebration 


Drum circle and dance



Day 3 - Rejuvenation & Accountability 9am-12pm


Botanical Gardens 




Water programming 




Divine Feminine Rising Celebration

This is a Friday - Sunday workshop where we will discuss, guide and have hands on activities breaking through blocks associated with the workshop subject. The workshops also include little local adventures and exploring the local healing points of Virginia Beach USA and surrounding areas. Be ready to manage 5-30 min transportation trips as needed. Uber is a great option for this. This is live and in-person! When looking for locations to stay, look around the Virginia Beach area, with focus on Independence Blvd. The lectures and activities are included. Food, transportation and stay are not. Please note, the itinerary may shift or change slightly to accommodate weather, clients and activities but the general outline should be similar! No refunds or exchanges will be accommodated for this event.

Traditional Drums
Women Holding Hands
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