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Private Zoom Parties

How to book your own private zoom party!



With this option you can book a live zoom party for you and some friends, co-workers or clients! Whatever you prefer.


Jessenia is a global psychic medium that has been working with people online, across the world. With the spike of Covid, many companies and people took to Zoom to keep their connections strong. With this option, you can choose who comes to your zoom party, how you will pay, what you will focus on, or when you will connect! Group options allow the booking client to share the cost with their crew, or to surprise their crew with an amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind session. An active zoom account is needed, but making one is free! Please make sure to download and sign into zoom before the session window.


Because there are so many variables to the session, Jessenia will be booking these events manually. Here are some things to consider before sending over a booking e-mail.


  • Events will take place Wednesdays, 9 am – 6 pm est. If you need a special time or day outside of this window, there will be an additional $300 fee.

  • Services are $325 per hour, in one hour, Jessenia can accommodate up to six 10 minute sessions (assuming the crowd moves quickly and your crew doesn’t take up time from the next client). Or three 20 min sessions live. The timing and spacing is up to the crew to manage!

  • The crowd may all want to connect to one deceased person, which makes the time issue obsolete. 

  • One may also want to book a group session to see how peoples past lives interacted together, or for group spiritual council, or to resolve issues or blocks in the relationships present.


To talk about open dates, or book yours, please send over an e-mail! All prices are in USD. Because of Jessenia's highly limited schedule, no cancellations or refunds can be accommodated.

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